How to choose the best type of loft ladder for your needs

You’ve just discovered that you can use the loft space in your house for storage. Maybe you already know what a good storage option your loft can offer. If there’s anything that can completely change how you use your loft, is a loft ladder. Some of us have been accessing lofts using a step ladder or a chair. You already know how uncomfortable this is when you try to balance and put items in a loft.

Should you decide to make work easier by installing a loft ladder and help better utilise your loft space, then choosing the correct type of loft ladder is imperative. To choose the best loft ladder, you’ll need to select the option that suits your requirements. That said, there are factors to consider to ensure you get the perfect fit. Choosing a loft ladder relies on four main considerations, depending on the factors below


1. Who will be using the loft ladder?

The person using the loft determines the type of ladder you’ll need. For instance…

If children or elderly people in your home will be accessing the loft, you should consider a loft ladder that offers safety. A popular choice is a wooden loft ladder with handrail that offers added safety.

All Loft Ladders are generally safe, but if children, the elderly or those with limited mobility will be accessing your loft, you should choose a type that provides maximum safety. Sliding loft ladders are more stable and allow confidence to those less experienced or have difficulty using ladders.

You may be using your loft to store heavy items. Maybe you’re a tradesman with a loft you use to store commodities, especially heavy ones. Having a metallic loft ladder, such as aluminium is safer. These are durable options that can withstand a lot of weight and are perfect to use when carrying heavy items up to the loft.

It is worth noting that wooden loft ladders also offer a level of durability. Look for a loft ladder which has been designed with dovetail joints on treads for improved durability.


2. How frequently will the ladder be used?

If you intend to use your loft more than once or twice a day, you’ll need a longer-lasting durable loft ladder to withstand all force and repeated use. An Aluminium loft ladder can offer suitable durability.

A sliding loft ladder is easy to operate, making it ideal for frequent use from tradesmen for example, who access the loft more frequently. You might consider an aluminium sliding loft ladder for durability and longevity.

If you are looking for a quieter option to use at home, then go for a wooden sliding door instead of aluminium.

For those who only access their lofts once in a while when checking water tanks or pipes and other household infrastructure, then aluminium or concertina loft ladders are an ideal choice. These are easily installed and are smaller than the traditional sliding ladder, saving you that bit of extra space.


3. Space available

If space is a problem for you, then you should find a loft ladder that will fit in the available space in your home. The loft hatch size also determines which loft ladder will be the most suitable. Telescopic and concertina loft ladders are great choices if you have limited space or a small hatch.

A sliding telescopic loft ladder is a metallic option that offers durability to withstand tough usage in a house with space restrictions.

Concertina loft ladders are stored on the trapdoor via the provided casing frame, securing the loft opening. This is the best option for anyone whose loft space is small.

Electric timber folding doors operated via buttons or remote controllers stored above the trapdoor, are also ideal for areas with limited space.


4. Aesthetics

If you are looking for loft ladders that will blend naturally into your home, then you should consider the appearance of the loft ladder you choose. A wooden loft ladder may seem the appropriate choice for example, to help match the decor of your home. You can also consider various timber types, metalwork colours or designs that won’t compromise the aesthetic of your home.

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