Three ways different ways to play bingo

You might’ve played it in a bingo hall before, but did you know that there are various types of the game? From one-off themes to standard variations, bingo is incredibly diverse and promises great fun for every player. Though the age of the bingo hall might feel like a bygone era, experts have now adapted the game in a way that’s more accessible than ever before. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve been playing bingo for years, it’s always worth learning how the game has changed – and why!


Traditional bingo: What does it look like?

Everyone knows bingo as a number-based game.

Each new player starts a game with a ticket. Each ticket usually contains grids filled with numbers, laid out one after another – these are strips. Each round in a game of 90-ball bingo would typically be played on a single strip, with each player holding a total of six on their ticket.

Recently, we’ve noticed a shift towards unconventional versions of the game. Players now receive tickets without numbers or join a game that’s uniquely themed to suit an occasion or holiday season.


Three different types of bingo you need to know about


  1. Music bingo

Musical bingo is one of the most creative formats we’ve seen when it comes to revamped bingo.

In this exciting and unexpected version of the game, traditional-style numbers can be replaced by song titles, album names and song lyrics too. Hosting a bingo party at home? You can download music bingo card templates to get the game started sooner!

If you’d like to combine musical trivia with a love for classic bingo, this could be just the ticket. Music bingo also suits those looking to show off their general knowledge in the niche – and you might be surprised to see just how quickly you remember the tunes you thought you’d forgotten.

  1. Interactive bingo

Bingo can now be played as a fully integrated online game, both on desktop computers and mobile phones.

Online bingo sites group players together and use real-life moderators to ensure a fantastic live game. For anyone above the legal minimum age to play, this increased accessibility online means that bingo can be played from the comfort of your own home.

The integration of wireless technologies is so prevalent now that anyone can log into a bingo app and join a lively player community. New games are hosted several times every day, so it’s never been easier to be in with the chance of winning some great prizes.

  1. Themed bingo nights

Bingo nights with special themes only add to the fun. These can include famous movie quotes or scenes that replace the numbers on bingo tickets. Others mimic popular television shows, like Deal or No Deal, to immerse players in a familiar-feeling game with a hilarious format.

From television to popular culture, there are so many ways to play bingo with a twist. It’s a fantastic way to add texture and variety to the game, and thanks to various leading entertainment companies, it can be played on a huge scale as a night out in itself.


Why join a new bingo game?

Bingo’s immense popularity in the UK can be explained by a huge community aspect.

Unconventional variations of the game allow players to harness their knowledge on topics outside of the game itself, while some themes simply offer players the chance to have a good time and laugh together. Effectively, themed bingo creates shared enjoyment and gives players a sense of belonging.

It’s never too late to explore and join in with entertaining adaptations of this classic game.


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