3 Adrenaline-Pumping Extreme Sports You Can Try For Yourself

Looking for a little more adrenaline in your life? Try some extreme sports! Many people think extreme sports are reserved for the pros. But really anyone can become a thrill seeker. Even extreme sports are full of friendly, welcoming people who are willing to teach their passion to the beginners. Extreme sports can vary massively. They can be done on land, up in the mountains or in the water. These can be some of the most fun and thrilling sports to try out. Here’s three extreme sports you should consider getting involved in.



Motocross, or MX for short, can be enjoyed in many ways. It is one of the most popular extreme sports. It involves off-road bikes made specifically for the purpose of riding on enclosed dirt tracks. Motocross events are held all over the world, attracting many fans who love the high level of skill and fast-paced action of the sport.




The first step to getting involved is to get a bike designed for motocross. Motocross bikes, sometimes referred to as dirt bikes, are not the same as motorbikes. Dirt bikes come in many different varieties, so you will want one that is designed for riding on motocross tracks. Going to a dedicated motocross bike store can be a good way to buy. However, you could also consider buying a used dirt bike.

You will also need some specialised motocross equipment, most importantly a helmet. You can check out POA Racing for motocross helmets. A well-fitted helmet is the most important equipment for riding motocross, as it will protect your head from any impacts or injuries. Gloves and motocross boots are also considered essentials, as they protect the weaker areas of your body.



There are some motocross schools to teach you the basics of riding. However, some people prefer to simply head down to a local motocross track and try it out for themselves. Other motocross riders will be happy to give you tips and teach you techniques.

Joining a motocross club can be the best way to get started. Motocross clubs will give you access to great tracks and coaching for beginners. You can also meet people who share your interest and will be happy to show you the ropes. Check out AMCA to find a local motocross club.


Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be incredibly exciting. Nothing beats the thrill of scaling huge mountains all over the world, using nothing but your body. And, of course, some protective equipment.


Rock climbing is very physically demanding and requires a lot of skill. Because of this, it is recommended you get coaching before even considering going out on a climb by yourself. Indoor climbing walls can be found at many leisure centres and activity parks. You can also find outdoor climbing skills courses to equip you for pure rock climbing.

There are different kinds of rock climbing you can get into. Bouldering involves scaling small rock formations, such as boulders. These rocks are usually close to the ground, so equipment isn’t necessary and the dangers aren’t as high.

Traditional climbing involves at least two people. One person holds the rope while the other climbs. The first climber usually places protective bolts in the mountain which the second climber removes as they climb up after.

Solo climbing is the most extreme, which involves using your own equipment and traversing a rock surface all by yourself. This is only for experts, so ensure you learn all about the equipment and technique before going on a solo climb.

There are many health benefits of rock climbing. It provides a good workout by using all parts of your body. Figuring out how to make your way up a mountain can also be a good mental training exercise. It has also been shown to improve self-esteem, and can even help manage a fear of heights!

This is one of the most rewarding extreme sports to get involved in, so check out local climbing walls to get started.



Surfing is one of the most popular extreme sports…surfing is even going to be an Olympic sport soon! It can be a great activity to get involved in if you’re visiting the beach this summer, but many people enjoy surfing all year round.



Surfing is one of the most popular extreme sports. It can be a great activity to get involved in if you’re visiting the beach this summer, but many people enjoy surfing all year round.

Surfing involves using a board to ride waves in the water. Depending on the kind of board you use, and the strength of the waves, this can be very easy or very difficult. Surfing is primarily done in the ocean, but there are forms of lake and river surfing that can offer an alternative way to ride the waves.


Bodyboarding, sometimes known as Boogie Boarding, is a simple form of surfing. It involves lying flat on your belly on a small, rectangular board. This lets you ride the waves without having to worry about technique and balance.

Most adrenaline junkies opt to use a surfboard. Surfboards come in shortboard and longboard varieties. Longboards are generally more stable and easier to learn on, so many beginners go with these. Shortboards are harder to use, but being smaller and lighter enables surfers to be more mobile and pull off some impressive tricks.

The most extreme form is tow-in surfing, or big-wave surfing. This involves the surfer being towed by a boat in order to hit waves with much more speed and momentum. This is the most challenging and dangerous form of surfing, so usually reserved for the pros.

Surfing doesn’t require as much equipment as many other extreme sports. Usually all you’ll need other than your surfboard is a wetsuit to protect you from harsh waves and keep your body at a good temperature. Boots, gloves and hoods are also available. These can be useful for keeping warm if you’re surfing in the winter.

If you want to get started in surfing, you can usually find local surf lessons, providing you’re near the water. If you want to surf on holiday, check out some of the Top 10 Surf Schools worldwide. Surfing can be made even more exciting if you learn in an exotic location!

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