How to Begin Your Poker Journey


I absolutely love poker. This popular card game has been played for many years. There is no consensus among experts on when exactly poker appeared. However, it is personally interesting for me that poker has a long history and traditions. Over the years its rules and essence have changed to this day. In this regard, poker was played only in the traditional way: participants went to a special place where everyone played, that is, in casinos. Because the Internet has appeared, poker has become much more accessible, which is also an advantage for me. Today, I’ll explain to you as easily as I can how you can start your poker journey.


What luck has to do with it

Luck is probably the first thing that will come to your mind when you think about poker. I also thought that when I thought about how to play poker. The reality is when you play poker, you play with a deck of cards, and they dictate your fate or the opponent’s. What do I mean by that?

Once I’ll get a set of cards that can be strong and fit with the table. That would help me win the hand without putting any effort. On the other hand, I can get awkward or simple cards, which would reduce my chances.

The point I am trying to make is luck is, by definition, is a factor that will always play a role in poker. However, it will be difficult for it to be decisive in playing.

The point is luck can be random. Perhaps sometimes the cards will play in my favor, while sometimes I will suffer a series of defeats.

I’m emphasising that luck is not a justifying circumstance for either of us. There are only two factors that can change this situation completely and increase my chances noticeably: a successful strategy and practical experience.

Therefore, in my view, luck is a factor that will substantially determine the outcome but not only.



Experience as a determining factor

It’s important for me to tell you that I see experience as much more critical in this way. I already know many strategies for any situation due to my knowledge of poker. Meaning, I know certain probabilities and how to affect others.

However, in this regard, my experience should have told you that I have a betting mania when I cannot see the pattern of what can happen. Experience also taught me to manage my budget.

I can say that with the help of experience, I can understand the math of poker: what hands, what was certain probability, and its expected value. It can and does everything better for me.


How I’ve figured out strategies

It hardly seems logical to fight against strategy. In my opinion, it develops over time and with experience. Poker has so many styles and so many strategies when it comes to random approach, and you can tell what your favorite plays are, too.

Most professional poker players get their own playing style, which gradually suits them. Below are some of my often-used strategies –

  • Passive style. Such poker people boldly await the decision of the opponent. Most often, they choose a more aggressive style of play in their next moves.
  • Here, alternatively, the participant places a large bet in the bank, and then often raises the rival. This kind of playing can easily throw an opponent from its trail.
  • Bluffing. This strategy can be extremely effective if you’re skilled at it. With it, sometimes you can win a round even if you don’t have a strong hand. Of course, if opponents truly believe you have a better hand than them.
  • Reading opponents. This tactic helps you successfully recognise signs of nervousness or confidence in opponents and then adjust your strategy accordingly.


No one finds it difficult to learn the basics of poker and start playing it. That’s something I’m sure of. But it is important to know that it takes a long way from learning the basics of poker to achieving significant success in poker.

For that purpose, I’ve prepared a few steps that I’m sure will be useful on your poker journey –

  • Learning basics and strategies
  • Practice and analysis
  • Money and emotion management


Instead of conclusion

The only further recommendation I can come up with is to define a particular amount of money one is ready to push into poker and stick to it. For someone more risky, poker may include avoiding some substantial amount of money one may afford to lose otherwise.

The rest is up to your discretion on how you might like riding. That is the major thing I love about poker. I also believe it is crucial to play as many poker hands as you can afford to get some experience.

So those are the basic steps I would suggest for your launch into the poker journey. The rest is your choice. Good luck as well – it always helps!


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