Why is it important for children to have sports role models in their lives? 

The universal appeal of sports is undeniable, and the influence of athletes on the aspirations of young individuals is profound. As the UK’s favourite sport, footballers in particular stand as beacons of achievement, demonstrating what is possible through hard work and dedication.  As role models, athletes can inspire children to aim higher and dream bigger, proving that with persistence, they can achieve great things.

Inspiration and Aspiration

Sports role models serve as key figures in encouraging children to dream and strive for greatness. A prime example is Mo Salah who is a great footballer known for his exceptional skills on the pitch and also for his modest lifestyle off it.  His ability to maintain professional excellence along with a grounded personal life sets a powerful example for young fans. Role models like Salah illustrate the possibilities within reach through hard work and integrity, inspiring children to set high aspirations in their own lives.

Positive Behaviour Reinforcement

Athletes also play a crucial role in reinforcing positive behaviour among children. By observing their discipline and perseverance, children learn valuable life lessons that go beyond sports. Athletes who demonstrate commitment to their goals and show resilience in the face of adversity provide real-life examples for kids to emulate.

Health and Fitness Motivation

Role models in sports can significantly influence a child’s attitude towards health and fitness. By watching athletes, children are motivated to engage in physical activities essential for their physical and mental health.  This encouragement to stay active can lead to a lifelong commitment to health and wellness, which is crucial since the major spike in child obesity levels experienced after the pandemic.

Social and Team Skills Development

Sports role models can also aid in the development of social and team skills. Athletes who exemplify teamwork, fair play, and cooperation offer lessons in social interaction that will be used in both sports and daily life.  Children learn the importance of working together towards a common goal, respecting others, and supporting teammates, which are all critical skills for personal and professional success​.


Having sports role models in their lives provides children with a roadmap to developing not only their athletic abilities but also their personal and social skills. Children learn to dream big and work hard by looking up to these athletes, understanding that success is possible with effort and determination.


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