7 Cool Boys Gadgets

We love boys toys so we’ve featured 7 of our favourite gadgets you can buy today.

Glow Flow Tap

Ever fancied washing your hands in liquid light? No, of course not, stupid idea. And yet… to be honest, it’s kind of irresistible. This daft little gizmo is surprisingly clever, it fits onto most taps (comes with a set of universal adaptors) and has an internal switch that lights up a set of LEDs when you turn on your tap in turn transforming the stream of water into a waterfall of light.

Not only that, but a temperature sensor within the unit can tell whether the water is cold or hot, and changes the colour of the light accordingly.

Forgetting the practical side of knowing when the water’s hot or cold without touching it (good for small children and, well, idiots we suppose), it looks really very cool to have a stream of coloured water pouring into your sink or basin.

Laser Cosmos

How cool would it be lying in your room and having the ceiling whipped away to reveal the vast outreaches of the cosmos whirling overhead, complete with misty blue nebulae (which you can turn on and off!) and the occasional shooting star.

Fully adjustable and requiring no set up, this super powerful space projector scatters a random panoply of sparkling green stars that will fill any room from the tiniest bedroom to the largest warehouse with a crystal clear animated star display. What’s so clever about this (apart from everything of course) is that it seems so three-dimensional, the varying brightness of different stars makes some seem close and others to come from distant galaxies.

Bladez 3D Helicopter

If you’ve had a wild time flying our indoor helicopters (and you really should have) then it’s time to step-up with this immensely enjoyable, indoor and outdoor monster RC Helicopter. It’s tough, it’s cool, it’s 3 channel and even has an intelligent RC system that avoids interference with other RC users – but won’t stop them pestering you to have a go. A twelve minute charge will give you about eight minutes of flying time, and it’s best suited for intermediate to advanced heli flyers.

It’s a pretty powerful beast, so if you’re flying it indoors make sure you have a fair amount of space, and as few household pets as possible.


This gigantic RollerBall is simply awesome, potentially dangerous, but nevertheless awesome. Once inflated this behemoth stands about three metres high, and is rather like a spherical cushioned igloo. The idea, which sounds insane, is to put it at the top of a slope (I suggest a very gentle one with a long unobstructed run-off), strap yourself in, and then roll down the hill trying not to lose your lunch. Inside the centre shell are two harnesses, so you could have two people feeling the adrenalin rush, and probably the queasiness, together.

There is a version of this mad sport that requires you to remove the harnesses, add a bucket or two of water, tie in the seal (which comes with the ball and straps into the opening), and launch yourself off! The ball is made from a very tough material, and comes with a puncture repair kit, but nevertheless you want to be sure you’re using it in a clear area – and ONLY EVER on private land, and with supervision!!!


Surf the waves, plunge to the dazzling depths, make like a fish, or simply get it to do the work for you in the pool – however you play with this wonder, the GTi Sea Scooter is definitely where it’s at this summer.

Multi-Games Table

The 20 in 1 Games Table is just perfect for the indecisive child in all of us. If you’re just a tad bored of the incessant beep beep of computer games, this great all round entertainment table will keep the screen-crazed occupied with a plethora of games.

Casino Bar

Whilst gambling can be a laugh, if you’re doing it at a casino then you might as well throw all your hard earned dosh out of the window. They of course make billions of pounds ensuring that you don’t win, so it’s time to turn the tables on them and gamble in style at home.

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