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Amazing extreme mountain biking videos

The Red Bull Rampage is a truly unique mountain biking event held each year in Utah. This spectacular event sees 25 of the top mountain bikers in the world compete against each other, combining a downhill free-ride with slope style,…

Danny MacAskill – imaginate video & photos

Street bike rider Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate is one of the coolest videos we’ve seen this year. Two years in the making, the video shows Danny MacAskill’s groundbreaking tricks from a whole new angle. Check out this website at http://www.dannymacaskill.co.uk

Giant Wave Pictures

Here’s a cool collection of pictures and videos of the biggest waves ever recorded on camera. Video : The Biggest Wave ever Surfed caught on camera from the documentary, Billabong Odyssey: Finally, check out these two huge waves caught on…