Want To Travel And Get Paid For It?

As I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s no kind of experience quite like travelling…we even have our own travel blog called Travelphant where we showcase inspiring worldwide travel articles and guides aimed at holiday and backpacking travellers. Waking up in a foreign country, with no idea of the breath-taking sights you’re going to see and the fascinating cultural nuances you’re going to experience. The only issue with travelling is that it’s so darn expensive! Like many, you may have dreamt of having a job that literally pays you to travel. If this is the case, here are a few occupations you may want to chase.


Work as a teacher

Teaching English in a foreign country is one of the most popular routes for anyone looking to see the world and get paid for it. If you can prove you’re a competent English speaker, and have a basic command of the native language of (insert country) then you can get paid to live in some of the most exotic and fascinating places on earth. The pay is fairly decent, and the posts usually come with the accommodation and flights provided. Of course, you’ll be obliged to spend a lot of your day teaching, but you’ll also have plenty of time to look around and breathe in the local culture. Contracts range from a couple of months to over a year, so you’ll have a lot of flexibility as well. The very best jobs require a degree, but a TEFL qualification will still open a lot of doors.


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Work as a ski instructor

If you’re that kind of traveller who needs to have some exhilarating sport to make the trip worth it, then you may want to consider getting a job as a ski instructor. I’ve spoken to countless people who spend a year or two working a job they hate, just so they can save up for a great skiing tour which hits several different resorts. If you’ve got that much passion and experience for the sport, then why not cut out the job you hate and find one that you’ll actually look forward to? Ski resorts have a pretty significant employee turnover, and you’ll find lots of ski instructor courses in Canada, France, and anywhere else with a big ski culture. After finishing your qualification, you’ll be ready to start applying for jobs. Being a ski instructor not only pays well, but allows you to immerse yourself in the awesome ski resort culture as part of your day to day life!



Work on a cruise ship

Getting a job as part of a cruise ship crew is another popular choice for avid travellers. Luxury cruise liners have all the jobs you’d expect to find on a hotel, and then all the extras. From cooks and cleaners to engineers and qualified sailors to musicians and entertainers, there’s no end to the possible gigs you can find on a cruise ship. Aside from that, you’ll be able to spend your shore leave exploring the port towns of all kinds of fascinating countries. That is, provided your work schedule allows for it! If you have any experience in customer service or hospitality, then you’re already in a pretty good position to start applying for jobs.



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