Affordable St. Augustine Florida Vacation Rentals

A vacation in Florida can be an exciting time for you and your family. However, choosing the best location is often hard to do. This is a state that has so much to offer, from Orlando with Disney World to the Florida Keys at the base of the state itself. There is one location that you should consider visiting if you have never been there. It is in the Northeast corner of the state. St. Augustine is an outstanding destination that can introduce you to some of the best aspects of the state of Florida. If you are on a budget, yet you would like to spend a week or two on your vacation, this is how you can get an affordable vacation home for rent in St. Augustine on your next vacation.


Where Can I Find Vacation Rentals Online St. Augustine Florida?

Many people will search for discounted rates on vacation rentals in Florida searching the web. Multiple companies will show up in the listings, including deals on hotels, condominiums, and entire houses that you can rent. Vacation rentals come and go very rapidly. That’s why it is important to start looking months before you want to visit the state. It also gives you the best opportunity for getting the lowest prices on rentals that can go very quickly. While you are in St. Augustine, you should consider visiting some of their top tourist destinations.


Castillo National Monument

This national monument is very unique for several different reasons. It is located near the Matanzas River, just north of the Bridge of Lions. It is regarded as one of the oldest forts, specifically the oldest in the continental United States. Made of stone, this large Spanish fortress was designated to protect and defend those claiming it for Spain. It is well over 300 years old, and within St. Augustine, it is also its oldest standing structure. Once you are done with a tour of the fort, you should head over to the Lightner Museum.

Lightner Museum

Also located in St. Augustine, specifically in the downtown area, it is a museum that is part of the Alcazar Hotel. Constructed in 1888, this museum that was made by Henry Flagler, offers decorative art and early 19th and 20th century artifacts. This will include blown glass, leaded glass artifacts, as well as paintings and furnishings from this area. There are many natural history specimens that represent the architecture, art, and design that embodies this collection from America’s gilded age. It will take a few hours to go through the entire museum, and once you are done, you should go over to Saint George Street.


Saint George Street

This is a pedestrian only street that contains a multitude of shops and other businesses. It leads directly to the Lincolnville Historic District, and is just as popular as many of the other tourist attractions including the Alligator Farm that’s not that far away. It may take several hours to fully explore everything the street has to offer. It contains attractions, restaurants, historical sites, and shops where you can obtain souvenirs. It should be one of the final destinations for your day as you will be able to get a fine meal and a cold drink. If all of this sounds appealing, you may want to consider finding an affordable rental for yourself, or for you and your family.


The Best Way To Find A Vacation Rental In St. Augustine

You have a couple of options for finding affordable rentals in St. Augustine. A few of those have already been mentioned. It’s easy to find listings online from businesses that are advertising the rentals that they currently have available. However, there are specific websites that showcase properties that may not show up on the Google search results. These are rental websites, specifically designed to help tourists and those traveling through the area find affordable places to stay. Some of these could be hotels, whereas others could be entire homes that are designed for four or more people. Simply search for the date you will be arriving, the date you will be departing, and the number of people that will need a place to stay.


How To Find A Place Quickly

Once you have done your search, several properties will be displayed. However, these are representative of a broad search. You will need to narrow your search by choosing from the options that are available. You can choose them based upon price, the number of bedrooms, as well as the number of guests that will be with you. Based on those parameters, you will quickly find three or four locations that will look promising and that will be well within your budget. As you look at the different rental properties, it will tell you more about each individual location. This may include information about the number of bathrooms, whether or not it has a pool, exercise room, and if there will be free parking. After assessing all of your options, you can then book your room for the duration of your visit.


Final Tips On Finding Affordable Lodging In St. Augustine

There are a few other things that you should consider before choosing a place to stay. First of all, consider what attractions will be nearby. If you have always wanted to see the St. Augustine lighthouse, or go on a dolphin adventure, be sure to position yourself close to these locations. From going on the Old Town Trolley, to visiting the St. Augustine distillery, there are so many places to go. If you choose a location based upon these places that you would like to visit, it will make your experience in the city even more memorable.


St. Augustine is a fantastic location, one that is very close to the Atlantic Ocean. If you have always wanted to experience the very best that Florida has to offer, this is a great place to start. Now that you know how to find the best rental, you should start searching today. The earlier that you do this, the higher the probability that you will find a room that is large enough, and is priced affordably, so that you can plan your vacation.

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