New face to face seating concept for planes explained

Whether you’re a fan of flying or not, you can’t ignore the wide variety of social and entertainment options available to you whilst 30,000 feet in the air. Airlines are constantly trying to lower their flight prices, leading to the number of passengers flying increasing and the need for possible methods of keeping them occupied
during their journey becoming a priority.There is no coincidence that with the array of discount flights available, as well as the number of airlines offering these cheaper deals, the emphasis has been switched to finding new and innovative ways to
increase the amount of passengers, whilst still maintaining a high level of comfort and on-board entertainment.

With the current seating plan of your average plane, it’s pretty easy to interact. Your biggest gripe could be if you’re sitting in the middle of a line of three and you have to keep turning your head to chat with your buddies either side – and there’s the dreaded battle over the window seat.
Turning this on its head is a new seating concept that’s been proposed for short-haul flights. It’s been put forward by industry supplier Zodiac Seats France, which has designed a new layout to make better use of cabin space and increase the space available at the shoulder and arm area too. That can’t be bad, can it?
Well, the news has sparked strong reactions across the internet. The plan involves passengers facing each other, effectively in an alternating formation.

Some people love it – you’ll have more room around you (including an extra four inches of leg room), there’ll be no fighting for the arm rests and no one could use your shoulder as a cushion either. That’s pretty good, but many are in up in arms. The Verge has said that the new concept is “nightmarish” and “dystopian”
– there’s a worry about constant eye contact with your neighbours. This is probably fine for those of you in rows with people you know, but what about single passengers on a business trip?

This Economy Class Cabin Hexagon, as it’s known, has brought up other questions too. How will you get out if you’re not in the aisle seat? They’re seats of a similar design to those in your local cinema, so you’d simply ask to squeeze out (as you already do) and the seats would flip up. Though, of course, if this plan were to go ahead then there would be numerous health and safety checks to make sure it’s viable first.
No matter where you stand on this debate, we all quite rightfully expect service to improve in the world year on year, and that includes the airline industry. They’ve got to respond to differing passenger needs and, ultimately, any changes will benefit the passenger in the end.
What do you think about the Economy Class Cabin Hexagon proposal?
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