Why you should have a patio laid

What are the benefits of laying a patio at your property?


Extend and improve the usefulness of your outdoor space

The great thing about having an outdoor paved area, a patio, is that it forms a link between the indoor and outdoor space of your property. Usually placed immediately outside a set of patio doors that open wide to allow easy access, it makes an ideal place to just sit and enjoy the garden or to host a barbecue with friends and family during the summer months, or to just relax in the evening with a glass of wine. During the warmer months, it becomes a useful extension of your home.

Sitting on the patio allows you to keep a watchful eye on your children or grandchildren as they play in the garden. It’s also a great place to work on a nice day, and you’ll find it more pleasant than working in a spare room. The outdoors always makes a better view than four walls.

You can involve the whole family in the planning of the patio as well, to ensure everyone gets a say and is happy with the new space.


Great for entertaining guests

A patio can be a great place for hosting a dinner party or just a small gathering during the spring and summer. Guests can enjoy their food and drink, with a pleasant view of the garden. If the temperature drops, a patio heater can be used to prevent your guests from getting cold. The rest of the garden can also be used if the weather is especially nice.

If you want to decorate your patio, you can add some pots and tubs of colourful plants. Some outdoor furniture with lots of cushions for extra comfort is a must of course. They can easily be stored away when not in use or when rain threatens.


Easier to look after 

If drinks get knocked over in your home during a party, a carpet might need to be cleaned. That is another advantage of entertaining on a patio – a patio is easy to look after if you do have guests and food and drink is to be served. By cleaning up any spills, it is simple enough to keep it looking good.


Health benefits

Having somewhere to relax and spend time outdoors is good for your health too. It can be the ideal place to unwind, particularly after a stressful day; or for spending more quality time with family and friends, which is a very good thing. Having an outdoor barbecue grill also means you can share healthy and delicious meals together with the family, while making more of an occasion out of mealtimes. Simply being outdoors in the fresh air brings several other health benefits with it and can improve everyone’s feeling of wellbeing.


Extra storage space

If you opt for a large patio, it can be a very useful hard surface and can serve as a storage space if you don’t have a garden shed (or enough space in the shed). Your lawnmower, leaf blowers and other gardening essentials are just some of the things you could store. Custom-made covers are available for some items, such as expensive gas barbecues, and plastic sheeting can be used to cover other items during the bad weather.


Increase property value 

Having a patio installed can improve the appearance of your home’s outdoor space and also its appeal to a potential buyer when you decide to move. The increase in the market value of your property by having a patio will not be huge, however, if completed correctly, the increase can be more than the initial outlay it cost to get the job done. Having the patio laid by professionals at a competitive price is probably the best way to go because installing a patio is hard work. Extravagant extras may not always mean an increase in line with the amount of money spent. However, you can look at easy and cost-effective ways to enhance your patio. Simple additions such as having shutters for patio doors can help to manage the natural light entering the home from the patio area and provides a greater level of privacy while also transforming your space – as the sliding doors don’t need to swing inwards when opened. They are easily pulled back when you want a view of the garden.


Having a patio installed really could improve your home and provide a useful space for entertaining and relaxing.

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