Branching out! How to highlight your trees and foliage with outdoor lighting

Nature is a beautiful thing and deserves to be lit up! If you’re fortunate enough to have a stunning back garden bursting with thriving trees and fabulous foliage, you should absolutely experiment with different outdoor lighting to highlight the beauty of these features. Oh yes, it’s time to ‘branch’ out! We’ve put together some of our favourite lights as well as some top tips to help you on your way to transforming your garden with the power of outdoor lighting.


‘Falling rain’ lights

Let’s start with a truly breathtaking feature… ‘Falling rain’ lights are a fantastic way to add some character to your outdoor space, and the impact that they can have once placed on your tree is immense. You don’t have to search high and low to secure this type of lighting, either. Find these lights online with prices starting from just £6.99.


Twig lights

Autumn and winter can be a difficult time for your trees; the colder seasons strip them of their leaves and render them naked until spring rolls back around again. When this happens, you should put some effort into ensuring they still dazzle and impress! Adding twig lights is a simple way to give your tree some personality again, and the entire task should only take around 15 minutes depending on how big your tree is.


Fairy lights

A timeless classic, fairy lights can completely transform your garden while highlighting the trees and foliage that you love so much. Regardless of the size of your garden, these lights have the power to create a certain kind of ambience and work well in the space all year round. Dress your trees with them, entwine them in your foliage, or line them along your fence for maximum impact.


Wall lights

If you don’t want to place any lights directly on your tree or shrubs, why not opt for some wall lights? Not only will this suggestion do well in highlighting your beautiful greenery, but also your entire garden. All types of outdoor lights are perfect for those who regularly entertain guests in their outdoor space, or love to put their garden in the best possible light – literally. Shop around and treat yourself to a few variations before we welcome the next summer season.


Top tips when hanging lights in your garden

It’s fundamental you take your time and have the correct safety equipment if ever working at height, such as when climbing up a tree to hang lights on the branches. Choose a day when there’s little or no wind, make sure you let someone in your household know what you’re doing, and use a reliable ladder and safety gloves if necessary.

As well as the above, please don’t forget that not all lights are outside lights! Standard incandescent bulbs and flood lights can be used outside as long as they are not exposed to rain or other elements, however, we strongly recommend checking the lighting’s packaging for an outdoor rating where the bulb is concerned. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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