4 fun evening activities to do with your kids 

Unite the family in the evenings with these four fun activities that are easy and enjoyable for adults and kids and will build strong bonds.

Including children in enjoyable evening activities fosters relationships and produces cherished memories. These kids’ activities are not only entertaining but also encourage dialogue and good humour, adding to the family’s enjoyment of evenings. 

Cook together

Getting children involved with meal preparation from an early age teaches them to appreciate the effort involved and could spark a passion for cooking to last a lifetime!

Perhaps pick one night a week when the whole family gets involved so it’s built into your routine. Older kids can try their hand at more complicated tasks such as peeling and chopping while younger children are better suited to less risky actions like stirring.

Plan the menu together so everyone is invested in the dishes, and if time allows bake a cake for dessert too – children love nothing better than licking the spoon and scraping out the bowl!

Watch a film

When you want to sit back and unwind, watch a film as a family. This is an easy-going activity that’s nevertheless engaging, ideal for when you’re tired after long days at work and school.

You can find films on Blu-ray or DVD online if you want a physical format you can keep. This is a great way option for films that will be on repeat or if you want to share a classic from your childhood.

Alternatively, sit down together and look at the films available on streaming services: you can access a host of favourites from various genres by signing up for a subscription, or buy or rent individual movies one at a time.

Get outdoors

Especially in the UK where the weather is variable, it can be hard to pre-plan time outside. However, be prepared to get outdoors whenever the sun is shining: the benefits of outdoor play for children are wide-ranging, from improved physical and mental health to the opportunity for freedom and creativity.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the countryside, head out for walks or bike rides along quiet trails. Otherwise, stick to the safety of the garden and play family-friendly garden games using equipment or just your imagination!

Plan a game night

Playing games is a great way to engage kids of all ages, and will increase their logical thinking and problem-solving skills without compromising on fun.

Try collaborative games if you’re concerned about the family getting too competitive. These activities involve working together to tackle a shared challenge. Alternatively, let chaos ensue with popular family-friendly board games that are sure to excite, from classics such as Monopoly and traditional playing card games to the latest releases.



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