5 Reasons to Use Solar Power and the Main Benefits of Solar Panels in the UK

Solar power is a perfect alternative to electrical energy from other sources, especially fossil fuels. Many people are now installing solar panels to enjoy significant solar energy advantages in the UK. Currently, the government is encouraging solar panel installation programmes to support its net-zero energy goals. 

Solar energy advantages

There are several major advantages of using solar energy, which is why many people are embracing the idea of installing solar. You might need to consider the following perks which offer more reasons to use solar power.

Low energy costs

There are financial benefits of solar energy one can really appreciate. Generally, solar panel systems require little or no maintenance for a long period. This in turn means lower energy costs compared to electricity from the grid. Unlike generators, no fuel or lubricant is used so no money is spent on these when using solar panels. A resident also pays fewer electricity bills if they have solar panels. It is also possible with solar panels and batteries to completely consume off the grid energy, which means considerably low energy costs.

Energy independence

Energy independence is among the necessary benefits of going solar. This means reduced bills, fewer interruptions and more control over your energy. Grid energy in the UK is considered costly which makes solar energy an ideal alternative. Thanks to technology and smart batteries, you can improve your energy independence by storing solar power, generated when the sun is shining, to use when it’s cloudier.

It is obvious electricity consumers hate blackouts and brownouts. Fortunately, with solar panels, and innovative solar batteries, one can generate solar power which is free from blackouts and brownouts, if insufficient energy is produced, storing solar energy to use when the sun goes down. 

Long service life

Solar panels are quite durable and last for a long time, with most solar panel manufacturers offering over 20 years warranty such as Moixa Solar panels whose batteries come with a 25-year performance guarantee. Solar panels require minimal maintenance which includes, inverter change after approximately 5-10 years, cable maintenance and cleaning of the panels a couple of times a year.

Solar batteries are so quiet

Almost everyone can admit they have hardly heard any sound from their solar batteries. Both solar panels and solar batteries are designed to be a noise-free source of electricity unlike other generators. 

No permit required

You do not need any permission to install solar panels in the UK. The government embraces green energy sources and not only encourages people to install solar panels, but ensures there are no regulations to control the installation of solar panels by the residents.

Benefits of solar energy to the environment

It is clear that solar energy comes with a range of benefits to the environment. There must be a reason why many governments all over the world are advocating for solar panels installation. Here are some key advantages of solar energy in the environment

  1. Reduced pollution

Energy production by solar panels does not pollute the air, water or soil in any way. Generating electricity uses fossil fuels which omit gases thus polluting the air. The mining of fuels such as petroleum, coal and uranium for use in electricity generation, pollutes the soil, water and air. Solar energy on the other hand is the cleanest source of electricity since it has no pollution. Using the solar power system to power households, minimises pollution from other sources of energy.

  1. Aids in slowing climate change

Since solar energy significantly reduces air pollution, which minimises the emission of greenhouse gases that cause climate change, it helps slow down climate change brought about by the greenhouse effect. With solar panels as the source of energy, no carbon dioxide, methane or nitrous oxide occurs. This means a cleaner environment as well as reduced storms, cyclones, flooding, extreme heat and drought disasters. This is one of the most important solar benefits we can all appreciate.

  1. Minimises water usage

Electricity from hydropower requires damming, which affects the local ecosystem considerably. Generators used in electricity generation, as well as nuclear energy production, consumes water during cooling and the many uses inside a power plant. The harnessing of solar energy uses no water whatsoever, which means a better environment in the long-run.

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