6 jean…ious maintenance tips

You might think that slinging your jeans in the wash is enough maintenance required to keep them looking good. Well, we’re going to stop you right there. Before you get the fabric softener out again it’s a good idea to check out these maintenance tips that should keep your favourite skinnies looking good.

1. Don’t wash them! 

Okay, so this rule only applies if your jeans have been made using raw denim such as a pair of jeans – but washing jeans makes them fade faster, wear more and lose their shape. Even the CEO of Levis doesn’t wash his! If you’re feeling a little grossed out by this concept, simply pop them in the freezer overnight. This should kill any bacteria on them while still ensuring they keep their look and shape – and they’ll dry quicker than if you had thrown them in the wash!

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2. Buy the right size and length

Jeans that don’t fit correctly can cause wear out in all the wrong places – for example, that rip under your butt cheek that you’re trying to embrace but shouldn’t really be sporting. Those flares that are far too long unless you’re wearing heels are also not ideal; get them turned up a couple of inches to avoid ripping the hems and looking like you’re embracing the ’emo look’ from your teenage years again.

3. Don’t keep stuff in the pockets

This rule applies more to guys perhaps than girls, but keeping your wallet/phone/travelcard in your jeans pocket at all times is going to wear on the fabric, perhaps causing it to rip sooner or create an imprint in the denim. Try to avoid doing this in the future.

4. Use a magic eraser to get rid of marks

Accidents happen, like red wine being spilt on your favourite jeans or pen ink being smeared across your skinnies while wearing those brand new slim fit jeans – click here for some great styles if your stain is too hard to get out. There is a way of getting most marks out without sticking them in the washing machine with some Vanish, or scrubbing them and fading the denim faster than usual. Those magic erasers by Flash are great for rubbing on a stain on your jeans and ‘magically’ watching them disappear.

5. Avoid the tumble dryerurl

According to Francine Rabinovich, the founder of Denim Therapy, ‘it damages the denim fibres,’ so avoid popping your jeans in the tumble dryer to make them skin tight again if they’ve lost their shape – you’re also risking shrinking them forever! Instead, get in the shower with your jeans on, take them off carefully and leave them to air dry standing up in the bath and hung loosely by their belt loops (you might need to get creative with string and the shower rail) to maintain your body shape.

6. Don’t hang them up!

If you really want to ensure that your jeans maintain their shape after taking them off for the day don’t hang them up in the wardrobe – or leave them crumpled on the floor by your bed. Instead, carefully fold them up and help them maintain their everyday shape. Hanging them allows the legs to weigh down the denim and even stretch the jeans.


When it comes to keeping your favourite pair of skinnies looking fresh, keep some of these jeanious tips on hand and ensure your denim always looks on form.

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