How to Design a Custom Cycling Jersey

Kitting your cycling group out with personalized cycling jerseys is a great way to exhibit your creativity and distinguish your team in a competition. Well-customized cycling clothing comes with rich fabric features that enhance the cyclist’s comfort and performance. There are several strategies to improve the design of custom cycling jerseys, so don’t be afraid to choose ideas that will showcase your team’s personality. Road cycling can be challenging without the right gear. Therefore, make sure you invest in clothing that will make your team less likely to experience chafing and other problems.

Four Tips to Design the Perfect Custom Cycling Jersey

Whether your goal is to stand out from the rest or simply look superb, the right custom clothing can improve your cycling experience. Considering these tips can help you design the perfect cycling jerseys.

1.   Know the Purpose of the Cycling Event

Understanding the purpose of a cycling event can help you customize the jerseys appropriately. If you need custom cycling jerseys for a charity event. For instance, you can choose from a variety of bespoke kits from The Charity Clothing Company. Your team will wear their colors with pride once you choose cycling jerseys that have everything they need for comfort, style, and effective performance.

2.   Determine the Discipline and Fit

Most cycling jerseys are designed for racing and professional and recreational riding. Cyclists in these groups require unique jerseys to suit their style of riding. Recreational riders often don’t need skin-tight gear. On the other hand, professionals need sleek jerseys since their better aerodynamic design offers a performance advantage. Each custom jersey style has a unique fit.

The Arrow-fit, for instance, is a skinsuit that is ideal for cyclocross or time trials. However, you can opt for the signature fit if you desire cycling jerseys that contour to the body and improve speed when racing.

3.   Know the Weather and Terrain

Local weather can also determine your custom cycling jersey design. You may struggle to choose the right materials for your jerseys if you don’t consider the climate. It would help if you determine whether the jerseys should be breathable, wind-repellent, or moisture-wicking. The manufacturer can strike the proper balance if you want your jerseys to have both thermal, moisture-wicking, and breathable properties. The best clothing for cycling in the cold is made from fabrics that are good insulators and heavy synthetic materials. Warm weather, on the other hand, requires breathable jerseys with UV protection and moisture-wicking. Cycling routes that are characterized by muddy terrains may not work with light-colored jerseys.

4.   Prioritize the Features

Features often determine the quality of your cycling clothing. Jerseys are made up of multiple panels. The more the panels, the better the fit and the ability to wick sweat or add warmth. Features such as zippers and pockets can affect a cyclist’s comfort while riding. Personalized cycling jerseys can be short sleeves, long sleeves, shorts, and bib shorts.


Refining your design ideas based on the above tips will ensure that you get custom kits that exactly represent your needs. Once you are cool with the design concept, the manufacturing company will implement it to your satisfaction.

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