70+ Cool Cakes From Around The World

Showcasing some of the most creative designs for cakes from around the world. These pictures demonstrate the amazing creativity that some people have when it comes to cake decorating.


Star Wars Cakes

What’s there not to love about Stars Wars – so when it comes to Star Wars cakes, you can’t do no wrong and this collection showcases some of our favourites.

This cake was sourced from bsideblog.com

Gadget Geek Cakes

Gamers or Apple gadgets like the iPhone or iPad will love these cool cakes.


Popcorn Cake

Sourced from Jenny Cakes [Link]

Highland Bakery Cakes  

At the Highland Bakery in Atlanta GA these amazingly detailed cakes are made by Karen Portaleo. She got inspiration to be a cake decorator one day when she noticed that the cakes in her friend’s bakery didn’t have any creations. With a background in clay sculpturing she taught herself how to create spectacular decorations for cakes. Karen Portaleo has made cakes that look like a giant octopus, Darth Vader from Star Wars, a rhino and many other.

More Creative Cake Designs


Longerhead Turtle Cake

 Sourced from Flickr [Link]


Disc World Cake

Sourced from [Link]

Van Gogh Cake


Nintendo Cake

Sourced from Flickr [Link]


Cool Wedding Cake


Mario Wedding Cake

Sourced from Flickr [Link]


Steampunk Wedding Cake

 Sourced from [Link]


More Cool Wedding Cakes

Dragon Cake

Sourced from Flickr [Link]

Rainbow Cake

Sourced from Flickr [Link]

Check out how to make rainbow cake [Link]

Sourced from [Link]

Rainbow Cake Time Lapse Video

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