8 Christmas gifts for the person who has everything

You’ve got nearly everyone sorted on your Christmas list this year, but there’s always that one person who you find difficult to buy for – mainly because they already have everything. Instead of the usual bottle of spirit or box of luxury chocolates, here are some Christmas gift ideas that won’t disappoint (and that they won’t have already!)

1. Give them the gift of nothing

This person you need to buy for is also more than likely that annoying individual who offers no clue about what they want, and leaves you scrolling bleakly through notonthehighstreet.com searching for a gift. But wait, scroll far enough and you will stumble across this brilliant gift – the gift of absolutely nothing. It’s literally a little ball of… air? And should get some laughs.

2. A subscription to their favourite magazine

The Internet is great but having something tangible in your hands to read is also great. That’s why you could take a look at magazine subscription gifts and pick them up a subscription to their favourite publication for six months or more. It’s an unusual gift and one they probably don’t have already!


3. An experience day

They definitely won’t have one of these! Pay for them to experience driving a racing car for the day or working alongside a zoo keeper caring for the big cats. It’s a gift they’ll remember and it’s something a little different.


4. Something DIY

If you’re really stuck for something to buy them, then why not make their gift instead?
If you’re good at embroidery you could put together a hand sewn picture of their pet or their favourite quote. You could put together a cake mixture in a mason jar that they can then just chuck into a pan and bake or you could create a personalised Christmas tree decoration they can cherish. Get crafty and get them something they weren’t expecting.


5. Something personalised

If you definitely don’t want to purchase your gift recipient something they already have then personalised items are the best way to go. If they play tennis or golf at the weekend get them some balls featuring their name or if they enjoy a glass of wine a personalised wine glass is a fun idea and a gift they can enjoy on Christmas day.


6. TV or film package

Has the person you’re buying for complained lately that they can’t afford to watch their favourite sports team play or a new show on a particular subscription service? Then why not sign them up for six months as a fun gift they can enjoy way after Christmas is over? Netflix or a Sky package top up are great ideas for the film buff or sports fan.


7. Enhance their shower time

A bit of a novelty gift idea, but disco shower lights are a fun gift for all ages. The light can be simply clipped to a shower head and then the user gets to enjoy multicoloured water and flashing lights as they dance in to their favourite tunes in the morning. You can pick one up from Amazon or eBay for under a tenner. There’s also a bathtub version, which is a little more calming if the person you’re buying for likes a soak after a long day.


8. Fruit and veg cutters

Kitchen utensils have outdone themselves in recent times with niche cutters perfect for those who consume a copious amount of a certain fruit or veg. Besides the spiralliser, which creates food like courgetti and perfectly curled carrots, you can also pick up a special avocado cutter for the fitness freak who needs all those good fats or a pineapple corer because cutting up the fruit is hard work. It’s a gift they won’t have received yet but can be put to good use and can actually be quite funny to open – simply because it’s so random.


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