This is the drone we’ve been looking for! GoPro Karma

Flying camera drones have come along way in just 4 years. I remember attending a BBC aerial filmers convention in 2013 and the drones being used were very large, heavy, difficult to transport, expensive (anything from £7.5k to £30k at that time) and challenging to fly. It’s all very much changed today. For around £850 you can now buy a drone which delivers professional quality video that’s small and easy to use, amazing!

Loads of companies released flying camera drones over the past few years, it seemed a new one was available every month! Just look here on Amazon at how many choices there now are! The good thing is the competition made quality much better and prices much cheaper, but there was one major company that took their time and waited. You’d expect big things from GoPro and they were so clever to wait and develop the best drone system that includes stabilised handheld which is exactly what people want, flexibility…at the right price, just at the right time and combined with with the launch of their best GoPro yet, GoPro Hero5.


My issue with GoPro was Stabilisation.

My issue with drones was Portability.

What did GoPro do?

Fix Stabilisation + Made A Portable Drone

This is a game changer, I absolutely think GoPro have nailed this and it all worth the wait. The price is mind bogglingly low considering the bundle includes a GoPro Hero5 + Karma Drone + Controller w/touchscreen + handheld stabiliser + backpack/case that everything fits in – ALL FOR £850!  4 years ago that would have just bought the stabiliser and backpack without the drone and the video camera!

Stabilised GoPro video in the air + on the ground….YES, Finally!


The GoPro Hero 5 Black with Karma stabiliser and handle


The GoPro Karma controller with touchscreen display


Find out more about GoPro Karma on GoPro website here


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