Thermosaurus Rex

Surely this has to be the coolest radiator you can possibly buy for your children’s dionsaur themed bedroom. Radiators aren’t the most exciting things to look at lets face it but Thermosaurus is made of cast iron and installs like your regular central-heating radiator. I’d have called it Tyradiatorex personally but Thermosaurus is pretty cool too. To be honest, I didn’t think making a radiator looking this cool was possible. But life always finds a way 🙂

Unfortunately I think this might be an April Fools joke by Artemy Lebedev studio, not a real design as they do something like this every year. Design firm Art. Lebedev Studio posted renderings of the gadget on 1 April —yes, that date gives us pause —saying the device is a “heat exchanger” that “installs like your regular central-heating radiator” and “is highly efficient and energy savvy, thanks to its complex structure that includes a skull, spine, ribs, legs and tail bones”. The studio also posted a nice page of sketches and other ephemera that supposedly went into the design of the Thermosaurus. So is it for real, or is it a prank? Or maybe just an exercise in developing a concept? Well, given the sort of unusual things that people produce these days, it’s not inconceivable that something like this could actually see the light of day. And the studio has produced many other products, including the storied Optimus Maximus keyboard.

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