5 motorcycle clothing tips for riding warm this winter

As the Summer begins to fade and those long sunny days are no more, it’s vital to know how to keep yourself warm on those upcoming freezing mornings, where the air is almost too cold to breath in. There is a ton of new and different clothes and technologies to stop you from freezing these days, so we have found the top five items that you need to keep yourself warm on the roads this winter, we wouldn’t want you to get chilly now would we.



1) Keep that chest warm

Keeping the body’s core warm is the most important thing you can do when riding in extremely cold conditions. Without that you won’t even be able to ride the bike, therefore a good quality motorbike jacket is essential. Not only will it keep heat in, it will also keep the cold out, and the rain/snow/sleet, whatever it is, you don’t want that getting through to your chest. It is also important to remember that a good winter jacket may not be the solution for you, you still have to stay safe, and even top end winter coats will rip apart if a rider comes off, so make sure you get a tough material to keep you warm and safe.




2) Upgrades

Upgrading your bike to get a heated seat and heated grips. As I previously mentioned, keeping your core warm in cold weather is of the utmost importance and a heated seat will aide you in this no end, it will keep the blood flowing in your body from your core to everywhere else. It will make you feel a lot better and far more comfortable. Heated grips will keep your hands and legs warm, which is so important as they generally get the least heat from your core, and are vital for your actual riding of the bike so you must keep them warm.


3) Underlayers

Heated vests and leggings are also a great way to keep your body going in the cold weather. The maintain the heat that you body exudes and there means that you waste barely any of your own heat, which means that your body is not having to work as hard to keep you warm, it essentially just ups your body heating efficiency.


4) Boots

Keeping your feet warm is similar to keeping your hands warm, they both struggle in the cold being so far away from the core of the body. Feet can be surprisingly sensitive and extremely painful when not looked after properly, keeping them warm and away from the harshness of the weather is a must, and a good pair of boots will do this.


5) Heat Pads

If you don’t ride all that often in the cold but just get out a couple of times a year then heat pads might be the way for you to go. They’re not so expensive and you could stash them in different parts of your clothing. Maybe not the best solution for long rides but could help you getting from A to B.

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