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Showcasing cool pictures of Bob Marley playing soccer. The pictures capture Bob Marley playing in formal games, or just juggling the ball which show a different side to Bob Marley. From these cool pictures we clearly see Bob Marley’s passion for soccer and by all reports, he was really skilled with a ball. Their are many Bob Marley Soccer merchandise you can buy which we feature at the end of this post such as Bob Marley Soccer Posters. We also look at the reason behind his death at the age of 36 to cancer and how it could have been prevented.

Bob Marley’s music and life story make him a natural advocate for the oppressed and to this day, his image is a top-seller on many a cool t shirt the world over. Bob Marley died at the young age of 36 in 1981. It’s a fairly well-known fact among Bob Marley’s fans that he died of cancer, which began as skin cancer on his foot but later spread to his lungs and brain.


Bob Marley first discovered that something was wrong in 1977 when he injured his foot while playing soccer with some friends. The wound seemed pretty extreme for a simple soccer injury, and when it got worse instead of healing, he decided to see a doctor. Marley was diagnosed with melanoma, and an amputation of the toe was recommended.


What’s lesser-known, though, is that death may have been preventable, but would have required an amputation, which Marley turned down. As a devout Rastafarian, Marley believed that the body is meant to be kept whole and that amputation is a sin. Additionally, some Rastafarians believe that physical immortality (staying alive in your actual body) is possible, and by acknowledging one’s own death ensures that it’ll happen soon.

It is believed that this is the reason that Bob Marley never wrote a will, either, which resulted in difficulty in dividing his assets after his death. Bob Marley’s medical records were never made public, but according to most accounts, he did eventually allow for a skin graft in place of a full amputation.

It seems that if this procedure did take place, it was either ineffective or simply too late. By the late summer of 1980, the cancer had metastasized throughout his body. While he was in New York City performing, Marley collapsed during a jog through Central Park. He performed for the last time in September of 1980 in Pittsburgh.

After traveling to Germany to be cared for, Bob Marley soon realized that his cancer was terminal. Intending to fly home to Jamaica, he became even sicker while in transit, and the flight he was on stopped over in Miami, where he died on May 11th 1981. According to some reports, his final words were spoken to his son Ziggy Marley: “Money can’t buy life.”

I think everyone would agree that Bob Marley’s death left a huge void in the reggae community and in the music community at large but one thing is for sure, his music lives on across the world.

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