Collection Of Crazy Christmas Lights From Around The World

Showcasing the extreme lengths some people go to at Christmas time to decorate their homes! It’s amazing what can be created with some creative thinking and a lot of outdoor Christmas lights!

Finally, check out this crazy Christmas Lights video!
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  • nice…I recognize two as a home in Jamaica Plain, MA. People complain about it all the time :).

  • Having lived on Long Island for just over a year – I think I might have seen some of these houses from the train. I wish I could say some of these are photoshopped…but alas, some people really DO go this overboard.

  • Wow, these people have found the true meaning of Christmas. I’m sure that these displays are very similar to the ones that the wise men and shepherds put up on the Bethlehem stable.

  • Many years ago, I won first prize in a Christmas decorating competition in our city….but my house looked NOTHING like this. I cannot even imagine how long some of these took to complete!

  • Someone was worried about this being a waste of electricity, my reply is that there are some things worth the expenditure of it.
    This brings an awful lot of needed joy to people, it’s not your money…. so WATTS the big deal???? You could LIGHTEN UP, we have enough of trying to kill the Christmas spirit already. This display is a beautiful and clever expression of it, I say more power to these people!

  • These light shows are really amazing. We sell them at my store and people really do buy them up as fast as we can get them in stock. they make for a great addition to any setting.

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