Cool Luxury Gadgets For Your Home

Have you always dreamed of a life that hangs on the edge of futuristic, with cool gadgets that up the ante of cool and elevates your status to luxury levels? As technology just keeps on getting better, so do the innovator’s who utilise it in their product designs. Here’s our top pick of gadgets and gizmos that firmly put you on the cusp of the future.


The No Key Home

Imagine a home where you can enter without a key. August’s Smart Lock turns your smartphone into the keys to your house.The lock works by syncing with your phone and then automatically locking your door as you leave and doing the same when you arrive back home. It’s the future of opening doors. No more searching for keys in your bag or having to keep them in your pocket. There is also no need to have to go to key cutters like Fast Keys when you think you’ve lost your keys

You can create virtual keys for your family and guests and choose how long they have access to your home. There’s also a 24/7 log on your phone so you can track who comes and goes if you have given guests access. The silver or dark grey model looks sleek and stylish, and it’s easy to install. Discover more about the future of smartphone security here.



Dulcet Tones Throughout Your Home

Imagine a music system fully integrated into your home that can play your favourite tunes night and day with no equipment clutter. Say hello to brands such as the Systemline multi-room audio system. The sleek fitted wall controls let you determine what music you want to hear in every room of your house and you can even fit it in your bathroom too. Sonos of course is another option. You can access all the tracks saved on your phone or stream from an online music service. And it can also be used outdoors with weatherproof speakers. A multi-room integrated sound system is the ultimate in luxury for those that love music and radio. Some even have dedicated theatre rooms in their homes, with large sound systems like the Graham Slee Hifi Noted for their amazing quality but classic, recognisable designs, to really get into the atmosphere of the movie.




Your Own Private Pod

Ever wished you could just shut yourself away in a bubble when life gets a little bit too stressful? Well, now you can with the Tranquility Pod. This high-tech sleeping pod is for those that are happy to splash the cash for a blissful snooze. This futuristic bolthole is shaped like a gigantic white egg. And it features gentle light and soothing vibrations to rock you off to dreamland. The exterior has been designed to block out 90% of noise. And the interior is decked out with a luxurious suede topped memory foam cushion that covers a relaxing waterbed. Inside the pod, there are 50 LED’s for ambient lighting that use a pulse sensor to sync with your heart rate to keep you calm. Does that sound like heaven? It’s as close as you can get.


Bathing In A Hammock

Elevate your bathroom to the most luxurious room in your house with the Splinter Works Vessel Hammock Bath. The ultra plush carbon fiber design allows for the super chic shape of a hammock which hangs above your floor. And of course, it works double duty as a sculpturally cool bath. It’s available in numerous colours, but we think black looks the most futuristic. It also fits two if you’re that way inclined. Could this be the future of bathing? Only 12 of these crazy luxurious baths have been made, making them super exclusive, but we hope it kicks off and starts a revolution.


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