Can CBD Treats Help With A Cat’s Fireworks Fears?

It’s not unheard of for many countries throughout the world to celebrate various special occasions using fireworks. It adds to the excitement, brings a spectacle to the event, and spreads the cheer for many to see. Unfortunately, our dear cats don’t share in our enthusiasm but rather endure an anxiety-ridden few hours and perhaps days beyond that. According to ASPCA reports, a substantial quotient of pets turns up missing after being scared off by a show of this sort or other equally loud noises, with many shelters finding their busiest days following these occurrences.

It is especially important as a pet parent to remember if you are engaging in a celebration to make sure that your loved one is tucked away safe where the sound stays as minimal as possible. As a responsible person, if you notice behavioural changes with your companion after the experience, it’s crucial to seek advice from your pet’s vet to reduce the symptoms associated with the stress, fear, and anxiety.

One particular treatment noted to have these properties is CBD treats specifically for cats. CBD boasts a natural, organic product with few if any side effects capable of soothing the effects of anxiety to bring your feline back to calm.


How To Prevent Feline Firework Phobia Before It Strikes?

A range of CBD oil products is explicitly manufactured for kitties who tend towards anxiety and skittishness. You can visit for details. The items tout the ability to calm nerves and reduce stressors allowing the cat to become comfortable and relax.

Unfortunately, when there are holidays or any type of special occasion, our feline friends are subjected to loud displays of celebration, particularly with fireworks resulting in bouts of fear and subsequent phobias. As the caregiver, it falls to you to find methods to ensure the pet’s security for which there are several ways to attempt this.

  • CBD Oil: Speak with the animal’s vet regarding the tendency towards upset with loud sounds to get advice on a superb quality of the products, including edibles such as treats that can be administered in a stress-free manner to keep the feline’s nerves calm.

A preventative measure such as this may prove fruitful in maintaining peace and stability rather than waiting until the festivities have stopped. Go to this link for noted benefits the compounds boasts of providing for cats.

  • Home Is Best: If you travel for your event, the safest, happiest place for your fur baby is in the comfort of its own home, where there is no opportunity for them to turn up missing. With these occurrences, animals are looking for the fastest way to get out of the situation.

Sadly, animal shelters are full of lost pets who were more scared to stay than afraid to get lost.

  • Secure Space: Just leaving the pet home is not enough. They need to be within a space where they feel secure, there’s no opportunity for escape, and no chance of injury. This could ideally be closed into a bedroom with all necessities, including a bed with blanket, food, water, and toys.

Make sure there is soft music playing to help drown out the sound and create a hiding space where the animal can cower to feel protected. Most cats tend to run under a bed when they get upset. Make sure the surrounding area is clear of clutter, so diving under won’t be a problem.

As pet parents, our fur babies are a huge part of our family. Ensuring their security and mental health takes precedence over everything else celebratory or not. Even though you have gone through the steps to make sure everything is safe, always invest in having your vet chip your cat and have current photos available in the very worst-case scenario that they turn up at the local shelter. It’s also wise to have a tag with your name and address on the collar.


Final Word

One of the best methods on this list is prevention. If you have the opportunity to keep your cat calm before the activities begin, why wouldn’t you? See your vet and consult regarding CBD oil products for cats .

Attempt to bring a sense of comfort and peace to your loved one before there is ever an issue – from one pet parent to another.


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