Principles of Italian-Home Decor Styles

If there’s one country in the world known for its sophistication and taste, it’s Italy. Be it in its food, furniture, clothes, handbags, you know it’s going to be good when you mention ‘made in Italy’ and everyone comes running. Italian-style home décor is quite popular over the globe. Products made from Italy are impeccable, ornate and designed from the most authentic of materials. It’s what one would call, the epitome of luxury! Whether you are into modern designs or your preference veers more towards traditional designs, Italian-home décor styles offer amazing eye-catching craftsmanship. It’s what anyone would need when they want their home to make a statement. Italian-home décor style lays its foundation on 4 basic principles as highlighted below;


Impeccable luxury runs in the gene-pool of every Italian home. These homes are not just luxurious; they are layered in luxury to the point of being breathtakingly gorgeous. Every detail is well thought out making the décor look special and unique. Most standard homes will feature gigantic crystal chandeliers draping from the ceilings while the walls would be full of handcrafted murals and decorations. It’s simply unimaginable to find any interior designs absent of Italian influence. Italian home décor homes have also adopted the same sleekness and technology used as other Western interior design trends. Nowadays, one can easily order modern Italian furniture online that is structured, bold and stands out for the use of loud colours and fun shapes. 


When it comes to Italian homes, functionality is a priority. Everything is designed to offer that “cozy” feeling to both the home residents and guests. The décor is well thought out and strategically placed while still focusing on aesthetics. Style is made to go hand-in-hand with comfort. Whether you have a large family or simply entertain a lot, Italian home décor is the best choice for you. The  Italian furniture is classic and adorned with beautiful colours and patterns to make it blend with the overall theme of the home. 


Any Italian home exudes charm with a style that is based on history and culture. Italian style dates back to the 15th century during the renaissance period where the local aristocrats spend most of their money on art and culture. Over the years, Italy has still managed to uphold the same level of design and elegance. The style may seem over the top to some while to others, the supreme elegance of the Italian style sets to make a beautiful home. The refined quality of furniture to the architectural design of the ceilings and arched windows makes the décor something to be admired. 


Italians can at times go over the board with their design and décor. Gold is perfectly laid over every design to add that touch of opulence and luxury to a home. Whether a home is modern or traditional, gold trims can be seen on mirror frames, furniture finishing and laid in tiles or marbles. The highest quality of gold is hand-carved into home accessories such as doorknobs, draw openers and window latches to style lavish homes.


Many Italian homes are a result of extensive design and restoration of the old buildings that were there after the war. You will find many old architectural features of these homes still intact. Italians have learned the art of blending the older décor styles with contemporary modern designs.


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