Cool ways to use your photographs

We all love taking photos and videos. Now that most of us carry a Smartphone, we take a lot of photos. It has been estimated that across the world 14 billion photos are taken, every year. Sometimes they are of something silly or mundane, for example, a photo of our lunch or yet another selfie. But more often than not they are of something that is special and important to us. Something we really want to remember and be able to share with our friends and relatives.

The sad thing is that all too often, those special memories end up being locked away on an SD card, device or in the cloud. But, it need not be that way. As you will see professional print firms make it super easy for us to take those photos and have them turned into beautiful decorative items that we can use in our home.


Colourful prints for your walls

A nice photo can easily be turned into a canvas, wood or aluminium print that can then be hung on the wall. Or, if you prefer, you can opt to have a more traditional framed print created.

All you need to do is to choose a high-resolution photo you like, upload it to the print company’s website, and choose the size and finish you want. Within a few days, a week, at most, you will receive your print and be able to hang it where you want. It is a great way to preserve your memories and keep them fresh in your mind.


Phone and other tech covers

That same image can easily be taken and professionally shrunk to size so that it can be printed on to a phone, laptop or tablet cover. All the print firm needs to know is the make and model number of the item you are buying the cover for.



For a teenager´s room posters are a great option. The best print firms offer you the chance to use their system to edit your photos and add other graphic elements to them. So, if you want to you can take one of your favourite photos and add a slogan to it or speech bubbles, whatever you want. This is a great way to create a special photo or poster that brings back happy memories or motivates you.


Printed blinds and wall stickers

Some firms are also able to print out your image onto fabric or turn them into huge wall stickers. These are both ideal for decorating an office or another type of workspace.


Using your memories to create unique gifts

Many of the items mentioned above would make fantastic personalised gifts. A good print firm will happily gift wrap the item they produce for you. They will also include your personal message and send it directly to the person you are buying the present for.

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