How to make small room feel larger

Having a small room doesn’t need to feel claustrophobic, there are clever little tips and tricks you can use to help maximise space, and make your small room feel larger.


Choose a neutral colour palette

Using neutral colours with warm undertones will instantly make your room feel lighter, brighter and more importantly larger. Whether you opt for a traditional neutral palette of warm whites and magnolia, or a more contemporary neutral scheme of subtle greys and soft blush pinks.

Don’t forget that window dressings should be neutral too, and ideally curtains should be floor length to further enhance the illusion of an airy space.

Use clever lighting

Lighting has the ability to transform a small room – using smaller lamps in corners draws eyes around the room, whilst central pendant lights with reflective materials allows light to bounce around the space. Glass chandeliers and metallic lampshades all help to create the illusion of space in a small room.

The positioning of ceiling lights can also make a room feel larger or smaller. A smaller pendant that is closer to the ceiling will cast more light, where as a ceiling light that is larger and lower creates a cosier feel.

Paint above the picture rail

If you live in a period home, chances are your rooms already have a picture rail, if you don’t, they’re really simple to add and will instantly create character – and height in any room. Paint the picture rail and wall above as well as the ceiling the same bright white and your small room will automatically appear larger as the walls blend seamlessly into the ceiling.

Use wall space

Floor to ceiling storage is a great way to utilise wall space that would predominantly be left unused. This is ideal in bedrooms as storage can be built around the bed without impeding on too much floor space. Whether you create a bespoke storage solution or fix together IKEA pieces, using the walls will instantly free up floor space, and will immediately make your room appear larger.

Invest in hard-working furniture

Invest in furniture that doubles up as storage. There are some fantastic pieces of furniture out there for every room. Ottomans and armchairs for living rooms that have hidden compartments are perfect for storing spare cushions and throws. And of course, the humble sofa bed has come along way since the futon – ideal if you often have guests but no space for them to stay.


Whether you implement just one of these tips or go all out and choose them all, you’ll be amazed at how your small space can be transformed in to a large and airy room.



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