When to go sailing in Croatia?

There are various places throughout the globe where you could sail with a private or a hired boat. The summer is considered the best time to travel with this type of vessel because you could explore the horizon better and enjoy the warm weather while lying on the deck of your boat. Yacht rentals in Croatia provide great opportunities to pass your time during the sunniest period of the year. Furthermore, the climate is quite pleasant for such a holiday. The marinas and the other naval facilities situated within the country allow you to experience a remarkable journey.

Summer in Croatia

Once you decide to sail within the boundaries of the Balkans, the hottest period is the most suitable for you. Between June and September is considered to be the most recommendable time for tourists to spend their free time in the depths of the sea. In Croatia, the climate during this season is warm, not hot, which provides additional benefits to the circumstances for your great adventure. You may notice winds, but their flow is quite regular and the weather conditions are quite friendly. Furthermore, you will be rewarded with amazing views and landscapes throughout the period when you sail in that area.

Boat charter in Croatia?

Once you have the possibility to charter a yacht through rental services, you need to be aware of a few recommendations. Some vessels require a specific licence to manage them, therefore, you have to acknowledge that in advance and supply yourself with the document. However, there also stands the option to rent a boat with a skipper and a crew to spend your time as a real tourist with no responsibilities and additional obligations. The country owns well-preserved marinas with highly equipped facilities, and the rental process could be easily managed.

Vacation in the pre-season

The temperatures may still be disturbing due to the cold breeze and the sharp climate, but since April, many yachts might be viewed sailing around the coasts of Croatia. Moreover, the prices for the charters are a bit lower, and you could still experience a myriad of adventures during the trips. The riffs and the seascapes are just to be revealed after the winter and the flowers are rising. Although bringing your jacket is obligatory, you could easily sail with your vessel and travel through the sights of the country. April and May are the best months to rent a boat, and have an affordable vacation.

Croatia during the peak season

If your airfare is booked between June and September, you are lucky because this is the most suitable time for an adventure. Prepare to sail around one of the best areas in Europe, especially if you have planned a two-week cruise. The winds are pleasant and warm, and the water is calm and clear. As a result, the hours spent on board will pass with lovely moments. The coastline will allow you to sail with no restrictions in terms of exploring and travelling around its best areas you may notice from the sea point of view. The climate on land also maintains good air and you could land and visit other magnificent places.

Take your break during the post-season

Passing the hot days, the surface of the water is still warm and very reliable for sailing. Most of the restaurants and museums are still open for visitors, if you would like to spend time on land. However, the sea welcomes all types of vessels because the wind is not that heavy yet, and you could sail around the sightseeing of Croatia. The architectural part and the monumental buildings are way more notable, and you could capture those memories by taking many photos from your boat. This is one of the advantages of having paid for a skipper and a crew.

What water activities can be done?

There are many water sports that you could practise during your holiday. Some of them are:

  • Swimming — when a skipper sails your yacht, you could dive into the sea and observe the spectacular view from within;
  • Windsurfing — you need to hire a special tool to sail with that type of vessel;
  • Water skiing — while you sail with the boat, some other people may take their journey to the next level;
  • Wakeboarding — this sport is recommended for more experienced lovers of water challenges.

Most of the rental companies have a list of naval activities, once you would like to practise, you need to pay extra.

Where to sail in Croatia?

Most websites, such as Yasido.com, provide a variety of destinations where you begin your journey and have a pre-planned route, which you or the captain follows while riding the boat. The most famous route is the Kornati Islands, which illustrate many aspects of the history of the country. Some of them possess breathtaking views and nature, typical for that region. If you like to sail within that particular area, be prepared to have enough memory on your device or even bring a photographer with you. As one of the most valuable locations in the world, the coasts will leave a remarkable note in your memory.

Recommended yacht destinations in Croatia

Other locations that are worth the rental charter in Croatia are:

  • Split — this charter destination is known as one of the best in the Old Continent;
  • Hvar — a day will be enough for you to sail across the magnificent island;
  • Brac — the city within the island is also famous for the traditional Croatian cuisine;
  • Korcula — another island with remarkable views and a spectacular reputation.

Considered one of the best yachting destinations in the world, the isles of the country will impress you in every way possible.

More cruises you can apply for

There are numerous areas to discover with your boat during the summer holiday in Croatia. Most of the rental companies provide one week’s charter, but as soon as you wish to pay a higher price, your holiday could easily be prolonged. The spectacular seascapes and the astonishing culture with its hue and architectural designs will make you wonder why you haven’t visited that place before. Since the country is a member of the European Union, the location is preferred by many visitors from Europe.

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