Developing A ‘Cool’ Dress Sense

Fashion changes so often that it’s so easy to get left behind and hey, no-one is blaming you! It just happens. Thanks to the Armani’s and Versace’s of the world and the exposure of the modern fashion world through television, magazines and the internet – fashion influences can be found anywhere. Thus, fashion differs and changes more extreme quicker than ever. Your shorts that worked well at the beach six years ago might look strange now. That’s fashion!

While you shouldn’t be subscribing to the views of the fashion kings, who change opinions as the wind blows, you should still be conscious about your fashion choices.

A good basic rule for cool? Classic works, nearly all the time.

Oxford shirts and chinos have stayed in style for an age, and that’s because the look works. It’s an option that hangs in the balance between formal and informal so it can be the outfit that works for any occasion.



Even printed designs and patterns for more informal occasions don’t really go out of fashion. You can even look to sneakers like the Converse Chuck Taylor or the white editions of the Adidas Stan Smith range. These sneakers have been worn for eons and are widespread and easily purchasable. These parts of your fashion collection can last for a long time if you look after them.


If you want a cool dress sense, then you need to be able to judge the occasion. Meeting your friends at the burger restaurant might not mean getting suited and booted, while you can’t wear sandals to a funeral. If you know the outfit that is suitable for the occasion, then you are halfway there.


It’s important to look to formal clothing options more often than not – stuff that can work for dinners and the office as that’s where you’ll be the most. Button down shirts always win and can be used in informal environments. Suits and suit trousers are always good to have for interviews and meetings. Of course, it pays to have a few ties handy as well! Again, it all comes down to the situation or occasion – if your office doesn’t allow formal clothes, would it make sense to weight your wardrobe with suits and blazers?

When it comes to dressing well or making the most of your wardrobe, you don’t have to buy loads of new clothes! in fact, you don’t need to do much at all except pay attention to what you are wearing. One of the best ways to improve your sense of fashion is to take on board some advice. If someone close to you is pointing out something about the way or manner in which you dress – it is worth to at least consider the words they are saying.

Taking pointers from fashion blogs and web forums is a good idea. However, don’t transform your wardrobe into someone else’s image of fashion – you’ll be the one wearing the clothes so make sure that you agree with the advice being given to you.

It’s also pretty important to wear clothes that actually fit you. Most of the time, you can purchase clothes that have a slimmer and tighter fit – this is good! Baggy clothes don’t really look great on anyone – so don’t wear them! If you have nice clothes that you want to ensure fit you – get them tailored. Fitted clothes can make anyone look a lot more fashionable.


If you’re overweight, the best way that you can improve your dress sense is to get in shape. Clothes look great on leaner bodies and tight fits are more widely available in smaller sizes. It’s important to note that variations in weight are going to make you waste money on different sizes of clothing – so get to your perfect weight and stick there. If you go up and down in weight, you aren’t going to be able to find clothing options that work for you and fit well all the time. Plus, getting into good shape is a good idea for everyone and their personal health really, isn’t it?

Improving your dress sense is also about adding flair. You can go into the 21st century with a modern watch and other cool gadgets that are wearable. You could go classic and add a classic wristwatch option – you could even go for some sunglasses and jewellery. Again dress for the occasion and accessorise with the right things to boost the appeal of your outfit.

Dressing cool can be done easily, it just takes a little bit of a backward step so you can analyse and prepare. Start dressing cooler today!

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