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While there may be hundreds of frequent flyer rewards programs around these days, it’s rare to come across one that actually has any real value. Particularly, if you don’t happen to spend pretty much every waking minute of your life flying all over the world. Even if you do, it’s usually true to say the rewards tend to be somewhat on the remedial side and not exactly inspiring.

However, there is one notable exception to the rule which is available courtesy of Norwegian Air. The programme, known as Norwegian Rewards, has been earning rave reviews from business and leisure travellers alike. Which is hardly surprising, given that this is one of the first reward systems of its kind to be made available by any leading low-cost airline.


How Norwegian Rewards Works

The way the system works is pretty much the same as you’d expect from a standard airline loyalty program. The more you fly, sleep and drive, the more you can expect in return.

The system sees members gradually stacking up CashPoints, which are awarded not only when flying with the airline, but also when hiring cars or booking hotel rooms through any of the airline’s primary partners. One of which being Hotels.com, which is one of the most popular and powerful hotel booking platforms currently in operation. Points can also be earned using Lounge Pass, which offers access to luxurious lounges and exclusive areas in airports all over the world.

One of the best things about Norwegian Rewards is the way in which you do not have to continue saving relentlessly for years on end, before being able to use the CashPoints you’ve earned. Instead, they can be used at any time in the same way as real cash, in order to pay for any of the services offered by Norwegian Air, either in part or in full. From flight bookings to extra baggage to fast track airport services to additional insurance and so on, there are very few restrictions in terms of how, where and when they can be spent.

In addition, all members of Norwegian Rewards receive a 2% CashPoints bonus with every sixth flight booked. Additional rewards for members include things like free additional baggage allowance, free seat reservations and so much more besides.



Who Can Join?

Perhaps best of all, Norwegian Rewards is open to absolutely anyone and is in no way restricted to frequent flyers or business customers. Norwegian is fast establishing a name for itself as a low-cost airline that takes quality and service provision to a higher level, while still delivering unrivalled value for money.

The whole idea is geared towards ensuring that even those who travel on a somewhat infrequent basis using low-cost airlines are not excluded from the kinds of perks and privileges previously exclusive to more typical frequent-flyer rewards programs.

Norwegian is constantly sweetening the deal with further discounts, upgrades and special offers exclusive to members only – go to http://bit.ly/2o3FVvX

today for the full lowdown of exactly what’s on offer right now.

This post has been sponsored by Norwegian Reward.


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