Eerie abandoned casinos from around the World

There’s something very eerie but very cool about abandoned buildings and abandoned casinos are no exception. The empty game rooms of abandoned casinos offer a glimpse into gambling history. The high rollers have all cashed in their chips and the sounds of roulette wheels and slot machines have been replaced with silence.

Although the glory days of these old casinos have ended, what remains reveal true stories of wealth and luxury from the past. Even those these casinos are left abandoned, they still look really beautiful… and cool! Here we showcase three of our favourite abandoned casinos.

Casino Constanta, Romania

In its day, the stunning building that housed Casino Constanta rivalled Monte Carlo. Perched on a cliffside overlooking the Black Sea, the building closed in 1990 due to high running costs and gradually fell into the disrepair evident. The building itself was first commissioned by King Carol I and the casino was originally built between 1904 and 1910 by a Romanian architect called Petre Antonescu. Photos are taken by French photographer Romain Veillon was was inspired by the buildings derelict beauty whilst visiting Romania.

Here’s some cool aerial drone footage showing the beauty of this building and its location.


Adriatic Club Casino (The Haludovo Palace Hotel), Krk, Croatia

The Penthouse Adriatic Club casino was once the crown of the Haludovo Palace Hotel, a now abandoned resort hotel on the Croatian island Krk north of Malinska. The casino was the brainchild of Penthouse magazine founder Bob Guccione who invested a cool $45 million in the project.

Doors opened in 1972, but due to constraints on foreign investment in communist Yugoslavia, the hotel was owned by the Rijeka based Brodokomerc ‘company’. Today the hotel resort is abandoned with the interior effectively destroyed while the buildings remain intact.


The Overlook Hotel Casino, Germany

12 years abandoned, no dust, no’s like the hotel doesn’t want you there! Maybe that’s the reason why they call it “The Overlook Hotel”. This same hotel was used in the film the shining! say no more!  More pics on Flickr here.

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