4 cool little cars perfect for cheap motoring

Having your own car can mean many things to many different people. For most it’s about freedom, flexibility and not being limited to the restrictions of public transport. It can mean the difference between keeping commitments and also keeping your job. It means not being reliant on others for getting around or having to plan life around a bus timetable. However, owning a car, even if it’s spent a lifetime being well cared for can become an expensive undertaking. The older a car gets, the more it will cost to keep on the road, and cause the owner more stress than it needs to. This is especially true if funds are already scarce and buying a new car is out of the question.

While it’s entirely possible to live without a car, the reality is having one can make doing a lot of things in life easier, more convenient and is sometimes even essential. But even without a car it’s not like getting around is that much cheaper. A travel card for London can cost up to £320 a month!

When factoring in considerations such as new tires, fuel, and parking charges, they’re still not cheap. But that doesn’t mean having to make a choice between public transport that doesn’t take you where you want to go, or a faltering second hand car that leaks in the rain, and sounds like a tank when the ignition key is turned.

There is another way, though. It is possible to have a new car that is reliable, has low running costs, and looks good. Plus, for the budget conscious amongst you, you’ll need a reliable car that comes with low running costs, affordable insurance and sits in a low tax bracket. An option that is becoming more popular is to lease a car rather than buy outright. In many cases, leasing is a far more cost effective way to get around than buying a car, especially if you’re the type who wants the latest in technology, fuel efficiency and driving comfort that only comes with new vehicles.

Some of the most popular budget lease cars are on the market for less than £110 a month, according to Vertu Lease Cars who’ve taken a look at their most sought after models. In some cases, it’s under £100 to drive away – so it’s definitely possible to start driving a modern, safe car that will do everything required of it for less than a travel card. We’ve put together a list of 4 car models that are stylish, safe and fun to drive as well as being a great option for those on a budget.


Peugeot 108 – from £91 per month

The 108 is a sleek, on-trend little car that is perfect for getting around the city, or wherever you want to go. It comes with a host of modern on-board equipment, including a rather handy touchscreen that can create a perfect mirror image of your phone!

Driving the 108 is a smooth and refined experience with an enhanced driver’s position that allows for great vision and awareness in every direction. The car handles well, does great mileage and is popular amongst new drivers and those who are budget conscious.


Nissan Note – from £109 per month

The most surprising thing about the Note is just how much space there seems to be inside. Nissan refer to it a mini MPV, and it feels like it could fit a small family with ease. It has been built with versatility very much to the fore. The rear seats slide and fold down if needed, and the doors open a full 90 degrees which makes loading class projects or baby seats a lot easier.

As you’d expect from a Nissan, the dashboard and driving position feels like something out of fighter plane. There is a variety of engine management options including an eco-mode to keep that fuel consumption as low as possible.


Hyundai i10 – from £92 per month

The i10 is a streetwise pretender that places function and simplicity as its main design strength. It’s efficient and reliable, and Hyundai have made a great name for themselves in recent years. But the simple interior design shouldn’t belittle the fact that it still looks great. This form is continued on the outside styling which looks sleek and modern.

Hyundai’s latest little run-around is responsive when driving the open road and nimble in traffic, too. The i10 also has more leg room and space than might be thought possible for such a small car which still makes it a great choice for the larger person and for bringing friends along. The i10 is also a very safe option as it comes with 6 airbags as standard and an advanced braking system.


Dacia Sandero Hatchback – from £104 per month

Don’t discount the Sandero hatchback as a solid all round choice for a decent car. It has more than enough space in the back for student laundry or for kids. It’s a good option for people who want a car that just drives them wherever they want to go.

While the interiors are basic, they are functional and practical and the boot is more than roomy enough for most people. The handling when driving is reliable and the car is easy to drive, and handles potholes and bumps in the road with ease. It is the perfect first car for students.

And there it is, four great options for leasing a car. Each one brings something different to the table, but each car featured is a safe, reliable choice that offers drivers a safe, fun, and affordable choice.

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