Finding Gifts for Difficult Guys

Looking for the perfect gift for the men in your life can be a daunting prospect, especially if they are one of those guys that answers the question “what would you like” with a shrug of the shoulders and a non-committal grunt.  After a response like that, you may be tempted to go ahead and get them a ‘manly’ smelling shower gel set in retaliation, but let us be real here, you are more likely to suffer from the stench of musk and manliness than they are to realise it was a passive aggressive gift purchase in the first place.

Instead of stressing out about what gift to get for the uncommunicative fellow in your life ask yourself if there is something you would like to experience or do together. Gifts don’t need to be objects; they can be days out, a class or a weekend away somewhere. Feeling more hopeful about your gift options now? I hope so! Here are some ideas of what kind of unique gifts you can get those men in your life who are just always a little difficult to buy for. And it all starts with locking yourself in a room!


Lock in for an escape!

Sharing an interactive experience like an escape room is a great way to spend some quality time with your father or brothers, if you can put aside any competitive family dynamics and flashbacks of contested monopoly games that is!  You may even be surprised how long it has been since you did something with your family members that wasn’t just a dinner to celebrate a special occasion.  And if those unfairly called Monopoly games of your youth still hurt a little too much, choose something a little less triggering than an escape room, like a guided tour of a museum or concert tickets to a shared musical icon. Try to make it feel a little different than a traditional family day out and everyone will soon get in the swing of things.


Think outside the box!

Perhaps your partner had told you of his childhood ambition of being the best graffiti artist the world has ever seen? Then why not indulge his creative side with a graffiti class?  Does he have a soft spot for alpacas?  Go for an amazing alpaca trek (yes, this actually is a real thing that you can do!).  If the way to your man’s heart is via his stomach he will revel in a cooking class. Have him learn how to whip up dim sum, fresh bread, chocolate and who knows what else.  You could take the class with him but on the other hand, it’s not a bad idea to have him take care of dinner with his new-found skills. Practice makes perfect after all!

We found hundreds of interesting and original gift ideas for him at Groupon. It was easy to have a quick browse and find something that ticked all the boxes in a few minutes.  A huge benefit of getting an experiential gift is that it arrives in your email inbox right away, ideal for those times when you are perhaps not quite as prepared as you should be (not that we are judging).

Don’t be embarrassed!

As cheesy as it sounds, getting an experimental gift for someone really is a gift that keeps on giving.  There is the initial excitement of receiving more than just the normal wrapped up socks or fragrance, and then the anticipation of booking and preparing for the event itself. This surprise tactic could be so successful that future gift giving conversations might just start out with “Well… I’ve always wanted to drive a Ferrari” rather than “I dunno…”.

Give it a go and you could be the best gift giver in no time at all.


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