How to Keep Busy During the Lockdown with DIY Projects

Being in lockdown because of the pandemic has undoubtedly changed our lives in so many ways. Not being able to go out spells life at home either alone or with family members or friends who are, like everyone else, trying to adapt to a new lifestyle. Most people have found ways to earn by working from home, opening online businesses, and offering products that others see the need for. Whether you are working or not, it is still best to keep yourself busy even while you are home.

If you think there is only so much you can do to occupy your hours, you may discover that there are other things to keep you happily occupied. Getting involved in DIY projects is not only satisfying but productive as well. Some of those creations you come up with could be the beginning of a business for you. And if your project requires cloth materials, you can easily find a wide choice of quality fabric to choose from like those at Dalston Mill Fabrics.

If you are looking for ideas on DIY projects to work on during the lockdown, here are some that may interest you.

Fabric projects

Fabric is such a versatile material that you can use for so many DIY projects. You could even start selling a lot of fabric products that other people would find useful. Reversible placemats are an example. You only need to find fabric in attractive prints and colours for the project. They are not difficult to make, and people would love to dress up their tables with lovely placemats. Your own home would undoubtedly be the first to take advantage of your finished project. Coasters, pouches, purses, and face masks that are essential in present times are just more of fabric projects you can try.


When you decoupage, you make use of cutouts from various materials to decorate multiple items such as furniture, bowls, boxes, and others. Making use of special glue, you attach your cutouts to the surfaces of things you want to decorate and adding varnish or lacquer over them. It is common to use tissue paper and come up with a wrinkly finish on the project. You could also use fabric and paper. You can come up with decoupaged journals, gift boxes, stools, wooden crates, and any other surface you want to add personality to. You make good use of your creativity to bring out unique designs to decorate your home or to give as gifts to friends and family.

Pressed flower art

Pressing flowers is an excellent way to keep good memories. They remind you of a particular place or person that made you happy. You can use them as adornments for bookmarks, candles, notecards, journals, and so many others. They can also add that personal touch when you include them on gift tags or presents.

The lockdown may be challenging, but it can teach us so many things too. We learn how to appreciate the things we never even noticed before. We are also open to learning new skills, hobbies, and developing talents that we didn’t know we had.

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