Interesting & Alarming Facts About Cyber Security

Cyber security is hugely important today with the number of hackers and online scams increasing on a weekly basis throughout both the UK and internationally.
So, here are a few facts about cyber security from Cyber Security blogs. These facts should give you an idea of just how important keeping safe online is.

  • The first recorded hacker was found in 1878 – two years after the telephone was invented. This was committed by a group of teenagers working at a switchboard for telephones. However, unfortunately they were a great deal more interested in how the phones worked rather than making the connections.
  • 2007 saw the largest recorded data breach where a grand total of 160 million credit and debit card details were stolen.
  • Breaches in data has increased by 54% since 2012
  • The USA currently holds the number one spot for the highest amount of cyber crime with 59% of the population being victims. This is in comparison to the UK where the number of victims stands at 14%.
  • 35% of all cyber attacks have hit the retail industry
  • 78% of all malware vulnerabilities come from Java applications. Java is the most exploited programme.
  • On average it takes a cyber crime victim 87 days before they realise they are being attacked by hackers.
  • 31% of all cyber crimes in the UK were a result of weak passwords.

The top 5 weakest passwords were:






In 2013 spam accounted for 70% of the emails we receive.

100% of mobile apps have vulnerabilities to them from minor to severe.

5 cyber criminals are currently on the FBI’s most wanted list

Over 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked into on a daily basis.

Around 33% of all computers are affected with malware.

Cyber security is increasingly important with more and more crimes being reported each year. Therefore, it is important that tools such as SSL are being implemented by website hosts. It is also important for users to ensure that the websites they are using contain the SSL certificate – for more information on SSL and online security, contact Symantec who currently provide the most secure online security packages.

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