Interesting Sources of Home Decor Inspiration

Most people want to keep their homes looking fresh and interesting. This is borne out by the fact that so many of us spend a lot of money on home decor. In the UK, the average homeowner spends around £5,781 each year on decorating and furnishing their houses. Typically, they want their home to reflect their personality and to stand out from the crowd, which is why they are always looking for new ideas. Increasingly, they are turning to more and more unusual sources of inspiration including the ones outlined below.

Furniture rental firms

The websites of companies who specialise in property staging and furniture rental are great places to find new home styling ideas. These companies have to stay ahead of the design curve so that the properties they dress look good and appeal to as many people as possible.

Real estate websites

The websites of real estate agents are surprisingly rich sources of home decor ideas. When a home is listed multiple interior and exterior photos are taken and uploaded to the web. Browsing through them you are bound to come across new ideas. The best thing about this source of inspiration is that you can confine your search homes that are more or less the same size as yours. Home decor magazines are great sources of inspiration, but the problem is that usually, the houses featured in them are huge. Far bigger than the average sized family home is. As a result, some of the ideas included in these magazines cannot really be recreated in the average sized house.

The beauty of the natural world

Increasingly, people are turning to the natural world for inspiration. Sometimes it is as simple as seeing a combination of colours in the garden that look nice and using that mix in their own home. However, increasingly people are using the textures and shapes they see in nature to inspire the way they decorate their homes.

Taking photos, manipulating the images and using them to make unique soft furnishings is something that is becoming increasingly popular. This article quickly explains how this can be done. Once you have tried some of the projects mentioned there it is easy to take what you have learned and make other unique items for the home.

Holiday accommodation

People are increasingly trying to add a touch of luxury to their everyday life. This fact partly explains why so many people are interested in giving their bathrooms and bedrooms the five-star treatment. It is not uncommon for someone to stay in a nice apartment, hotel or bed and breakfast to take photos and try to create a similar ambience in their own home, at a later date.

Films and TV shows

We are all strongly influenced by what we see on social media, in films and on TV shows. So, unsurprisingly a lot of people are picking up home decor ideas from the films and shows that they watch.

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