Three ways SME’s can impress clients at corporate events

How your company manages a corporate event says a lot about the personality of the business and the organisation skills of the team. Creating an event that leaves a positive, lasting impression on your client is bound to improve relationships and demonstrate the value of your SME.

Here are three ways in which SME’s can impress clients at corporate events.

Serve great quality food

As a SME, budgeting is important and so it may seem tempting to cut corners with catering. However, food is always a key talking point at corporate events so you should be offering the best service possible to your client. You want them to have an enjoyable dining experience as the lasting impression will influence how they feel about your team, how you cater for your client says a lot about your business.

Your client will have attended countless meetings where the catering is bland and basic such as sandwiches and crisps, so try and offer something different that will get them talking post-event. Buffets work well as they are informal but give you lots of scope to be creative, you can also search for an appropriate buffet to fit your budget.

Keep a balance between work and play

Although you want to ensure that your client enjoys their time at your corporate event, it’s important that you keep a reasonable balance between work and play. It’s easy to get caught up in the party atmosphere, but the function of the event is a corporate meet up. It may be best to have limits on alcohol intake by using tokens, and limiting the night to a 9pm finish. This protects your relationship with the client and prevents any drunken employees saying something they will later regret.

Location location location

Where you host your corporate event will also be a big talking point. It may be cheaper to host your event in your office, but it’s worth the investment to hire an external space to host your conference event such as a hotel or a specialised conference space. Having an external space that matches the requirements for your conference event is important, as a room too big or small could make for an uncomfortable event. A lot of conference spaces offer ample parking and even overnight accommodation if this is necessary for your client.

To find the right location, start by searching online for the most popular local locations, read reviews from previous customers and seek guidance from local event planners.

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