Mapped: The Most Privileged Nations in the World

Privilege is something that is not only limited to an individual or a group of people. In fact, an entire nation can be privileged. Don’t believe it yet? Well, after reading this article, you will definitely agree with this statement. Here, we will discuss with you the most privileged nations in the world.

While there are several countries that contain privileged people, only some countries provide for their people so they are all equally privileged. This includes income equality, human rights situation, education, and a lot more. In this article, the names of 12 such countries will be shared on the basis of such aspects. So, let us get started.

The data is based on a study and is grounded on several influences and factors that make a nation privileged.

Aspect #1: Safety and Health

Among the major priorities of a nation must be the safety and health of its people. Therefore, with regard to accident and homicide risks, air quality, life expectancy, social cohesion, and health expenditure, several countries are counted among the most privileged nations. Based on the ranking in this study, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Iceland, Australia, and Denmark were at the top of the list.


Aspect #2: Liberty and Life Satisfaction

A number of people all over the world do not get to experience equality based on factors like gender and race. However, this is not the scenario with the fortunate nations of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, Iceland, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, New Zealand, and Germany. These countries have been able to offer their people both liberty and life satisfaction. This is determined by factors like the human rights situation, passport strength, gender equality, and general life satisfaction. Hence, one of the most crucial fundamentals of life is freedom, and that is what the residents of these nations have and thus, they are living a quality life as well.


Aspect #3: Career Opportunities

In today’s world, a good career is an important indicator for how privileged a person is. So factors like employment, income equality, advancement prospects, productivity, and education play a crucial role in a nation’s privilege. In this regard, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, Israel, and Austria have topped the list of being the most privileged with regard to career prospects. This shows that the people residing in these countries have a good and safe working environment.


Aspect #4: Finances

The financial situation of a nation clearly demonstrates the extent to which it is privileged. Therefore, based on influences like the number of millionaires on the basis of the adult population, the income of each household, and the overall wealth of the nation, 12 nations have topped the list. These include Switzerland, Australia, Iceland, the United States, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Austria, Canada, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Norway respectively. Thus, the people living in these nations are financially stable and among the most privileged in the world.

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