Monte Argentario: the Tuscan treasure

Monte Argentario is a beautiful peninsula belonging to the Province of Grosseto in the Italian region of Tuscany. If you’ve decided to spend a holiday near Monte Argentario, the first advice is to rent a small boat so you can explore the coast of the promontory with the inaccessible coves, caves, islets and some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. If you don’t like the idea of ​​an excursion by boat, below we suggest some of beautiful beaches in the area of Monte Argentario that can also be reached by land. But before choosing the right beach to enjoy some warm Italian sun, you need to choose your accommodation, for example Tuscany Now and More villas in Isola Rossa have a superb collection of beautiful stone villas to rent.

The perfect place where to swim that can be reached only by the sea is Isola Rossa. Even if we focus on the beaches reachable by land, it’s impossible not to mention the Isola Rossa. Isola Rossa is a small island located in front of the Monte Argentario. The name Isola Rossa means red Island and it is due to the colour of its rocks. It is totally devoid of architectural structures and is the favourite place for seagulls for resting and nesting. It is also one of the most popular places to dive.

Where is Monte Argentario?

Where to swim? (even by land)

Here are the beaches recommended for swimming in the Argentario area that can also be reached from the ground.


Bagni di Domiziano

The Baths of Domitian (also known as Gerini beach) is a small sandy beach at the foot of what used to be the villa of the Domizi Enobarbi (Nero’s family). When there is low tide, the remains of the ancient tanks used to raise fish and the remains of the villa emerge from the sea. The beach is also suitable for children thanks to the gently sloping bottom. There are no bars or bathing establishments so it is better to get organised in advance.


La Bionda

You will find this beach starting from Porto Santo Stefano, at the end of the 3 tunnels, or at the end of Pozzarello (the road that runs along the sea). Here are some private houses. The waters are always calm thanks to the reef of rocks and even here there are no bars or bathing establishments.


La Cacciarella

This is one of the first beaches far from the inhabited centres and for this you will not find bars or bathing establishments. La Cacciarella is a small beach with sand, enclosed by two cliffs and the path to reach it is 500 meters long and a bit challenging. But bring a mask because, after the long walk it is a must to dive both to cool off and to admire the seabed. In the cliff on the East side, if you can find it as the entrance is barely visible, there is the Grotta del Turco. Legend has it that a fishermen’s boat on the run from Turkish pirates hid here.

Cala del Gesso

The Cala del Gesso is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Argentario. It can be reached by taking the panoramic view until the exit for via dei Pionieri. At the end of this road there is a pedestrian gate. From here you will have to walk 700 meters but it’s worth it because of the landscapes you can admire. The beach is composed of small pebbles and from here you can admire, and eventually reach, the islet of Argentarola. On the cliff located to the right are the remains of a Spanish watchtower from the 16th century.

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