Physical Media and 4k Blu-Ray

The Motion Picture Association of America reported a significant drop in physical media sales over the past five years in its annual entertainment report. According to the statistic, which was obtained by IHS Markit and DEG, DVD and Blu-Ray dropped from a massive $25.2 billion in 2014 to only $13.1 in 2018. That is a drop of almost 50%. Do not expect other emerging quality formats and 8K Blu-Rays to turn the tide either.

Forbes market data showed that DVD designs still account for 57.9% of physical media transactions, and only 5.3 percent of 4K Blu-Rays. You would expect apocalyptic financials for movie production and distribution companies. However, while there are losers in this trend, the overall industry surprisingly grew over the same duration. Home entertainment splurging increased by 16% thanks to surges in user spending on digital video streams from players such as Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix.


The Benefits of Physical Media in the age of Online Streaming

For numerous businesses, supplying material on physical gadgets like the USB thumbnail drive is demonstrating to be an untapped, notable dividend center. However, for businesses that peddle with proprietary material such as educational, tutelage, and software materials, offering a physical gadget that can be discerned, nudged, and possessed is still valuable. Complementing DL’s with physical media backups can be a remunerative income source, specifically for businesses that take profit of on-demand services.


  1. The Demise of CD and DVD

Physical media is convenient if the material is substantial, the end-user has zero or limited internet connectivity or if consumers are behind on their technical knowledge. While online streaming is fleeting, a physical output used over time can have an abiding impersonation. Offering digital download only eradicates a prime branding chance.


  1. USB Flash Drives

A USB thumb drive is the ultimate physical gadget for supplying material that can be played off numerous rostrums. A single drive can store a virtual collection of digital material. The drive can hold up to 128 GB compared to a typical DVD which stores up to 4.7 GB. Technologically-advanced providers can program the drive to protect it from malicious tampering or pirating of their content.

For instance, write security means the user cannot remove, delete, add, or alter a file from the USB drive. Meanwhile, copy security enables a business to share its cognitive assets without threat of illegal distribution, duplication, or risk of the internet. Users can retrieve material from the USB drive with this level of protection, but cannot copy, publish, capture screenshots or supply the content without permit.


  1. Customised Packaging

Personalised, creative packaging adds a powerful branding aspect apart from the computing benefits of the drives.


  1. On-demand Transactions

On-demand transactions, as the tag suggests, refers to a device that is designed upon order disposition, although some applications may need clutching a small consignment of stock. This significantly decreases any upfront costs. Companies can tie into current e-commerce engines to digitalise the process of order fulfilment with surveillance, in addition to duplicating the material to the USB flash drive.


The Benefits of 4K Blu-Ray

If you are a fan of ultra-high-definition pictures when watching your favourite movies or TV shows, you should consider renting a 4K Blu-Ray disc. Renting Blu-Ray is the best way to ensure you get only the best quality, similar to what you would get if you visited a cinema. When you rent 4k Blu-Ray films, you get the chance to recreate the cinema-style feel in your home.

There are a few benefits associated with the purchase of 4K Blu-Ray.

  • You get high quality data and longer playtimes. A 4K Blu-ray disc can hold up to 50GB of saved data. This translates to 4.5hrs or continuous HD images or, 26hours of SD data.
  • 4k Blu-Ray discs are scratch-resistant. There is nothing worse than a scratched CD or DVD that causes your movie or TV show to skip, jump, or pause when playing. When you choose to rent or purchase Blu-Ray, you are less likely to have your movie experience cut short by a faulty disc.

The 4K Blu-Ray option also edges out online streaming. This is especially in an age where internet connectivity in some areas is not the best. Instead of waiting for your content to buff and play, a Blu-Ray disc can give you continuous streaming in better picture quality and sound.



Even with the noise about market value statistics and market trends, it is becoming blatantly clear where the priorities of movie studios lie. With the DVD not quite measuring up to 4K Blu-Ray option, you cannot get better quality than Blu-Ray, at least not in the current market.

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