All About Game; Designing a Games Room for the Whole Family

If you had the option of building your dream home, what would you add besides the usual lounge, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms? For most people, a game room comes to mind. Imagine spending your Friday nights playing games with your friends or just kicking it with the family. There is a reason why pool bars and play parks are so popular, and people don’t mind paying top bucks to have fun. These tips will help you design a games room that is fit for the entire family;


Invest in a pool table, foosball and games table

The heart of every game room should be the tables because who doesn’t like pool or foosball? You can also have a custom table that opens up to expose games like checkers and chess. You can play pool with your boys while sipping on some beer while the kids enjoy the board games and your ladies play table tennis.


Decorate with games in mind

One of the best game rooms ever seen had a checkerboard floor and tin ceiling. While you don’t want to have a casino feeling, it’s good to decorate the room with the appropriate theme. This is not the place to bring flower vases and expensive art. You can use wall hangings that are also game-themed like the ones you find in bars. Your mortgage advisor can help you calculate how much you need so you can have that dream home.


Have ample seating

Playing pool can get boring and tiring after a while, so people need to sit down. Ensure there are plenty of seats and comfortable sofas. As people sit down, they can watch a game or play video games. The game room is also the area where couples can come together and play ‘spin the bottle’ and other exciting games.


Cool lighting

The ambience of the game room should be different depending on what you are doing. If you are playing board games and pool, you can have medium-light so that you can enjoy the interaction. However, when you are playing games on the console, you need a dark room so the video game can come out vividly. If you don’t have a big screen TV for sports, consider buying a projector.


Have a kid’s corner

The kids should feel right at home in the same game room as you, but you don’t want them to distract you. You can make a kids corner with mattresses, toys, slides that come from the top floor to the game room and boxes for their stuff. You should decorate their side with kid-themed paintings and art.

Having a game room can save you a lot of money you usually spend on going out. Make sure you sound-proof the room because people can get a little out of control. Always keep the door closed and include a minibar because every game room deserves refreshment. Store your favourite drinks, snacks and water.


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