How To Race Away With Your Dream Car In 3 Steps

Perhaps you have always fancied yourself an Aston Martin. The mere sight of one making your heart race, and your palms sweat. However, are you sure you want to make that leap from James Bond fantasy into an actual driving reality? Buying a car is a pretty big investment and it’s not one that you want to go racing into. Before you invest you need to make sure that this is a car that will get you to the finish line.


Future proof your car

I’m not suggesting you go and buy that ugly SUV but you might want to hold back from buying that Mercedes-Benz SLC or any other sports car if your wife is expecting your first baby. You may think about buying a baby seat and that SL Merc isn’t going to fit a baby seat and your food shopping. You need a car that is practical for your immediate needs, but that is also fun to drive. Therefore, depending on your situation you might want to put your James Bond dreams on hold until later in life-sorry. You also need to bear in mind that saying –

“ As soon as you drive off the forecourt, your car is losing money”

The only time this saying doesn’t apply is if you have bought a classic car. Therefore, buying a car should never be about investment. You want a car that suits your lifestyle and that you are happy to drive.


Research Your Car

You now need to check that you can afford the running costs of your car. Look into how much insurance for your car would cost. You could use a comparison website to find the best deal for you. Now you  need to get an idea for servicing costs. For example if you are buying second-hand you will need to find out the service intervals, and you need to make sure that you budget for any major services coming up. You also need to check what band the car falls in for road tax. You will also want to research the fuel efficiency of your car. If you are buying electric car then you need to check where your nearest charging points are. Another thing to consider is the warranty period for the car. You need to check how much time is left on the warranty and which items are covered.


Buying Your Car

You are now ready to buy the car of your dreams. The first obvious option is to go direct to the local dealer. However, a good alternative is car leasing where multiple makes and models of cars are available. This means that you can browse at your own leisure and find which vehicles work for your budget, they also have special offers and you may find that you can get a better car for your money.

Follow these simple steps and buying your dream car could be a reality. Good luck!


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