3 Best American National Parks for Adventure Seekers

yellowstone national park
yellowstone national park

North America is one of the most naturally stunning areas of the entire world and this is most evident in the magnificent National Parks that are found around the country. Here you can enjoy incredibly beautiful and untouched natural landscapes, witness rare geological features and even catch a glimpse of majestic creatures in their natural habitat. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to National Parks as the United States has an impressive 59 protected areas, but here are the three best in America to visit when on an adventure holiday.

1. Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is not only one of the best parks in the land, but it is also the world’s very first National Park. Spread across a staggering 3,500 square mile area mainly in Wyoming, the park is famous for its unique geographical features.

yellowstone national park
Yellowstone national park

This includes the legendary Old Faithful geyser, but it also features amazing canyons, alpine lakes, thick forests, hot springs and an abundance of wildlife. Due to the sheer size and diversity of Yellowstone, there is an incredible amount to see and do here which makes it a great place for adventure.


2. Yosemite

Found in California’s breathtaking Sierra Nevada Mountains, Yosemite National Park is known for its dramatic landscapes which were famously captured by iconic photographer Ansel Adams. The park attracts people from all around the world for its epic waterfalls, imposing cliffs, gigantic sequoias and vast lakes.


Unsurprisingly, this also means that there are all kinds of beautiful and rare animals here too. Half Dome, El Capitan, Tunnel View Outlook and Bridalveil Fall are the must-sees, but hiking in the area will provide you with all kinds of amazing views and uncover the park’s many hidden gems. Remember to pack a camera to attempt to recreate a few of Adams’ legendary shots!



3. Grand Canyon

The main attraction of this great park is, obviously, viewing the Grand Canyon, but there is much more to it than this. Located in the vast desert of Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park is a 277-mile-long and 18-mile-wide UNSECO World Heritage Site with fantastic hiking opportunities and historic geological formations. In addition to the varied hiking opportunities, you can raft the Colorado River, camp in the wilderness or even take a helicopter to the bottom of the canyon and view the stunning Havasu Falls.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

North America has many wonderful National Parks to visit, but the above three are the pick of the bunch for adventure-seekers and nature lovers.

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