Signs That You Need a New Car

You’ve been driving that car of yours for a few years now. You’ve probably imagined quite often that you would buy a new car at some point. But it can be difficult to determine when exactly you should do it! Here are the most telling signs that you should just go ahead and replace that old car of yours.

Your current car is an embarrassment

As you drive down the street, you burn with shame. Your family and friends keep making jokes about it. Passersby vomit in disgust. Okay, so maybe it’s not as bad as the last one, but still: you don’t like your current ride. Maybe the colour is embarrassing, or it’s uncomfortable, or the shape is ugly. You may even have the 1987 Yugo GV, which everyone seems to agree is the worst car of all time.  If you find it embarrassing to drive around in, then it’s probably time to get something new.



You just won an offensive amount of money

You want everyone to know you’re rich now, right? So buy yourself a luxury car or two. That’s what people do when they get rich, isn’t it? And I guess that, if you have the money for it, then you can never have too many luxury cars.



You have a family now

So you got yourself a loving partner. You’ve had a couple of children with them, or maybe you adopted. Whatever the case, you’ve now got a rather big family. That little thing that got you through your university days probably needs to go. You’ll need something with a lot more room, unless you want to hold your kid on your lap while you drive. Which I don’t think is legal, by the way.



You have a dog

So you haven’t got yourself a loving partner. You don’t have children with anyone. But you have a dog, so that’s something. But you’ll probably need to transport your pup from one place to another at some point, so make sure you have a car that’s big enough. Oh, and make sure the inner material is something you don’t mind being chewed now and then.




You’re paying shedloads to keep it running

It can be hard to admit when it’s time to say goodbye to your car. Over the years, it’s easy to become quite attached to it. But sometimes you’ve just gotta admit when the game is through. If you’re pumping funds into the thing just to keep up with the frequent repairs, then you should probably look into something else. Of course, people in this position don’t always have it so easy when it comes to buying a new car. You can look into saving costs by buying a sturdy used car instead of a brand new one. Consider visiting a used car dealership like Pentagon-Group.



You feel like it

If nothing else is going to make you happy, then maybe you should just go for it. That’s not always the smartest advice, I guess. But you’ve got to #treatyoself sometimes, right?

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