Kids driving you crazy in the car? entertain them with these ideas

Are you fed up with the constant whining? Irritated by your kids’ resistance to safety features? Ready to give up and spend your life sitting on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle? It isn’t that bad, is it?! Well, you’re in luck. We’re here to save the day, and give you a bunch of ways to stop your kids from being little hell raisers. Ready? Let’s go.


#1 In-Car Entertainment

There was a time when the most entertainment a child would get in the car was the sound of their parents singing. You call that entertainment?! Nowadays, technology has come on a long way, and there are loads of options to keep them busy. Set them up with a laptop full of movies, for example. Install some games onto their phones. Prepare all of this for them, and they shouldn’t get so easily bored during the trip.


#2 Safety

No matter how much we enforce car safety, our kids are kind of in control. We can lock the doors, but they can often unlock them just as easily. We can put seat belts on them, but they can undo them. Talk about irritating! There are alternatives. If you’re willing to invest in the future, get on and buy a 2-door vehicle, for starters. They won’t be unlocking it then! In terms of the seatbelt situation, might just be the website you need. There’s always a solution!



#3 Road Games

There are loads of fun road games that you can adopt for your journeys. You can even make some up yourself! I was always a big fan of the pub cricket game, but there are loads of other choices available to you. You’d think that we’d have found something more entertaining than ‘I Spy’ by now, but it’s still a riot! Then, when the kids are particularly annoying, there’s always the good ol’ quiet game.



Our son, Harry aged 4 🙂

#4 Stop Regularly

Our attention spans aren’t great. Our kids’ attention spans are horrendous. What’s the remedy? Regular breaks. As much as you might want to plough on and get to your destination quickly, it isn’t always possible. It’s much better to take regular breaks to break up the journey. If you’re taking two cars, why not split the responsibility of taking the kids and swap halfway? Then, you can get some much-needed peace.


#5 Give Up & Go Home

Nope, forget it. You’ve bought the new car, loaded it with accessories, and nothing’s working. They’re still driving you crazy, and it’s time to teach them a lesson. Alright, so we’re a little dramatic here, but it’s always an option. Maybe your kids just aren’t ready for a long road trip yet. Maybe it’s time to go back online to find a closer destination? Get back to your comfy chair; Jeremy Kyle isn’t that bad.

Honestly though folks, there are lots of options available to you in 2016 to keep your kids happy. Start with the right car, add in the necessary features and get creative with ways to provide entertainment. That’s all you need to do!

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