Car Colours – there’s more to it than you might think

When you’re looking for a new car, how much attention do you pay to the colour? Most car buyers do tend to have a preference of what colour vehicle they prefer, but did you know the colour you choose could matter more than you might think? Here, you’ll discover why the colour of your car matters and the factors you might want to consider when choosing the right colour.


How colour affects resale value

Did you know the colour of your car can determine its resale value? While there’s many factors which can affect a car’s resale value, colour is definitely one of the more surprising factors to consider.

There’s actually been research conducted into how different colours affect resale prices of vehicles. It discovered that regardless of which make and model the car was, it was the colour which had the biggest impact on whether it would sell. So, which colours should you be aiming for? Well, surprisingly white tends to hold its value the most. Colours to avoid include turquoise, maroon and blue.


Can colour affect likelihood of theft?

Can the colour of your car really make it more or less likely to be stolen? Apparently, it can! Bright, attention-grabbing colours are much less likely to be stolen. This is especially true when it comes to supercars.

Although no supercar is ever going to be totally safe from budding thieves, the colour you choose could certainly act as a deterrent. So, whether you’re shopping for a supercar from Romans International, or whether you’re investing in a more modest run-around, make sure you choose a bright colour to reduce the chances of theft.


The potential impact on your insurance

Now this one is a biggie! Obviously, you’ll want to save as much money as possible on your insurance rates. It seems, the colour of your vehicle can make a difference to the cost of your insurance.

It seems crazy that your car’s colour could increase the cost of your insurance policy. So, why exactly does it matter? Well, research shows that some coloured cars are actually involved in more accidents than others. Red cars are said to be the most dangerous. Not only are they involved in more accidents, but red cars are also more frequently pulled over by the police.

Now, this could be because red is the most popular colour. Obviously, the more people who drive a red car, the more accidents they’ll be involved in compared to other colours. However, not all insurance companies see the logic behind this, so they charge a higher rate for certain coloured vehicles.

As you can see, colour can certainly make a difference when it comes to the car you choose. Therefore, it’s worth keeping the above in mind the next time you go to purchase a shiny new car. Also, don’t forget some colours are easier to clean and mask dirt than others, this is definitely something you’ll appreciate researching beforehand.

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