The Best Gadgets to Keep Your Home Safe

Your home is your place of relaxation and comfort; it’s an area that you return to ready to curl up on the sofa or read a book in the lounge. Your home is a place for family, friends and pets, and this is why it is so important for us to keep our homes safe. There have been some pretty cool advancements in home security systems in the last few years and there are now some nifty gadgets that you can use around the house to ensure that your friends and family are safe while they are in the protection of home. Investing in a good home security system is also a great investment if you want to sell your house, as it will add value onto the property.

The following is a list of some of the coolest gadgets that you can use to keep your home safe:

1. Digital Peephole Viewer

This this great little gadget allows you to attach a small camera to your peephole and when someone knocks you are then able to view it on a small screen inside, rather than having to squish your eye right up against the peephole.

This is also not as expensive as CCTV footage and is easy to install, so it’s really great if you are on a budget.

2. Hidden Wall Safe

These are safes that are hidden into the walls of your house posing as something entirely different- normally a plug point. This is a great place to keep your smaller valuables like jewellery, as often thieves won’t even think about looking in them.


3. The iSmartAlarm Kit

This is a tech savvy gadget that allows you to control everything in your home from a remote location. It can be connected to cameras, alarms, motion sensors, smart watches and much more.


4. Home Monitoring System

If you feel like it is unnecessary to deck out your entire home in security systems then one central hub may be enough. A system like Canary has facial recognition and will alert the homeowner if a stranger enters the house, by sending a message to their smartphone.


5. Fake TV

Your house is more likely to be broken into while you are away and the fake TV was designed to give off the illusion at night that people are at home watching TV by giving off intermittent light.


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