Tips to Help You Save Money When Shipping Abroad

Whether you’ve had a clear out and sold some things online, want to send an item to a friend or family member abroad, maybe you’re an international student needing to post things back home, or perhaps you’re moving overseas and need to ship a large delivery, posting items internationally can be expensive. To help you save money when shipping large, heavy items overseas, here are some useful tips.


Accurate Customs Labels

Currently, if you send an item outside of the EU, you will need to fill in a customs label. This provides information about what is inside the parcel and its value. Depending on how much the shipment is worth, it may be subject to customs fees when it arrives. To reduce costs, make sure that information on the customs label is accurate, as for many countries, when shipping personal items, they may be exempt from customs and taxes.


Package Correctly

As a general rule, the larger and heavier a package, the more it will cost to send. Because of this, it is a good idea to aim to shrink size and weight where possible, but do this within reason. Remember, when shipping overseas, your parcel will go through many different handling processes so it’s important to use the best packaging for the job. This means using a sturdy box that has enough room to allow for additional protective wrapping, as this could prevent damage and save you from having to pay extra to replace or repair.


Double Check Weight

Incorrect weight is a common shipping error. This is because people often make the mistake of weighing their item before it has been packaged. This can result in parcels actually being heavier than stated, which could lead to additional charges. To avoid this and save money on international courier services, always weigh parcels after they have been wrapped and are ready to be shipped.


Choose the Right Service

Not all shipping companies or services are created equal. As such, one of the most common ways people lose money when sending large, heavy items overseas is by selecting the wrong service. Consider how soon you would like the item to arrive and what kind of insurance level is needed, to help you pick the most suitable and best value delivery method, without compromising on service.

Shipping large, heavy items internationally can be expensive so follow these tips to help you cut costs, while still ensuring your item arrives safely.


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