Ageing in men – act fast to stop time in its tracks

It’s not only women who have to fight the signs of ageing. Us men are as vulnerable as anyone. While women are more susceptible to looking old once they go grey, we’re more susceptible to balding. Starting early is the best way to fight the years. Don’t wait until your hair falls out to do something about it. Acting as soon as the first signs appear, and sometimes before then, is the best way to stop these problems! Get to grips with the anti-ageing options available and make the most of them before it’s too late!



Wrinkles are one of the major signs of age. Even the freshest of faces will fall victim to crinkles and creases at some point. So, what can you do to lessen the damage? Moisturising will work wonders for the hydration of your skin and help hold the wrinkles at bay. A man who moisturises won’t be laughed at by his mates when they’re all wrinkled, and he’s still fresh faced! If lines are already beginning to show, take the time to research the market. There are plenty of products that fill out wrinkles to decrease their appearance. There’s a magic cream for every eventuality.



Hair loss can be a major problem. If your father or grandfather are bald, there’s a chance you will be down the line too. If baldness isn’t something you could embrace, there are steps you can take. Keep an eye on your hair. Look out for any bald patches that may be lurking. If you’ve started to notice patches missing, take action before it’s too late. Finasteride tablets for hair loss are a fantastic option for the balding male. These pills prevent or even reverse hair loss. They work by removing the effects of hormones on your hair follicles.





Grey hair is another sure sign of age. If you don’t fancy rocking the silver fox look, there are things you can do. There are hair colouring products available that specifically target grey hairs. These can be great if you don’t want people to know you’ve started dying. Their target specific abilities mean that you get a more natural finish. After all, you don’t want everyone to know that you’re trying to cover a problem! You could always embrace the grey if colouring doesn’t work for you. Wearing your age with confidence can be a good look.



With age, often comes weight. You may have been skinny your whole life, but as the age piles on the pounds will too. It’s a fact that the majority of older males have a larger belly. That’s just the way it goes, I’m afraid. Metabolism slows down as we age, and so do we. If you’ve noticed your waistline expanding, why not try changing your diet? Eating healthier foods will help in your fight against the weight. It may also be worth cutting out a little alcohol too. We’ve all heard of the expression ‘beer belly’, haven’t we?





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